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Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Vita to launch on November 2

EA has today confirmed to us that Need for Speed: Most Wanted has not been delayed on PlayStation Vita, despite reports spreading around the web this morning.

Rather than post these rumours up, which started from a press release via EA's polish website, we decided to check with our local EA PR rep, who confirmed that the game will launch alongside the other versions on November 2.

A lot of people are asking us if the game will be included as part of Sony's PS Vita Cross Buy promotion, however we are unable to confirm this at the moment.

Once we know for sure we'll let you know.

Edited On 26 Sep, 2012

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Kettle11's avatar
Kettle11 4 years ago
I'm still a little skeptical about the Vita version being identical to the console version. It's obvious the Vita CAN, but I'm worried the developers maybe aren't putting that much effort into it because the Vita hasn't sold well. I just wish they'd release some gameplay from a Vita.
Datastatic's avatar
Datastatic 4 years ago
I am really hopeful for this as loved the Burnouts. I do kind of begrudge paying for it twice as I want it on PS3 as well, but I guess thats a choice I will need to make.
opt1mus76's avatar
opt1mus76 4 years ago
I'm still living in the faint hope they'll include the Cross-Buy scheme for NFS:MW. I want PS3 version for the online and Vita for racing on the go but as much as I love Criterion games I'm not sure I want to buy exactly same game on both console and handheld unless perhaps they include cross format saves otherwise I'll be replaying stuff I've already done.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 4 years ago
Heard very good things about the Vita version hopefully Cross play will be included but cant see EA doing that just yet though.

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