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Dead or Alive 5 DLC out now

Costume Pack 1 for Dead or Alive 5 is out now, publisher Tecmo Koei has announced.

The free download sees Kokoro get a new festival outfit; Zack, a new alien costume; Helena, a swallowtail outfit; and gives Bayman a new beret. In addition, the master Gen Fu steps out in his new Tiger Kung Fu uniform, Christie gets new leather gear, Tina dons a new blue ring outfit, and the all-new character Mila takes on a little cosplay. 

What more do you want for free? Well how about costumes for the included Virtua Fighter characters, Akira, Sarah and Pai? You got em'.

Dead or Alive 5 is out now, our review is coming soon.

Edited On 02 Oct, 2012

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Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 4 years ago
Free DLC you dont see that very often these days will have to make sure I download the the DLC when I get my copy later this week.
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Just downloaded it. I figured they'd milk the whole costumes thing for as much money as possible so I'm quite happy I got atleast 1 pack free from them. I'm all about free DLC.
Datastatic's avatar
Datastatic 4 years ago
Free is always good but I remember how many costumes DOA4 had on the disc in the pre 'paid for costumes' day. On a side note has anyone managed to get a decent online game on this. I keep coming up 'no available opponents' message. Sad times as this is a great game and not one you need 15 fingers and a degree in physics to understand.
Shnoorum's avatar
I doubt theres as many costumes but I've unlocked afew from Arcade mode so far. I know theres no character endings which is a bit depressing. I've yet to try online yet. Excluding Tekken, fighting games have never really interested me when it comes to online play
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Surprised they aren't doing one a week like they did with Dimensions. Not too bothered about this at the moment anyway, too many good games being released right now, probably pick it up when it's in the bargain bin, after Christmas or something.

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