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Loot the Land with PlayStation Mobile

As part of the launch of PlayStation Mobile today, developer PlayerThree has launched its quirky new puzzle title, Loot The Land.

Loot the Land is a unique block-matching puzzle which is controlled using the touchscreen. You start off on a map known as the Isle of Conquest, which in itself hosts nine levels, although only one is unlocked to begin with. Later on you'll also move onto another map, Northumbria, which also has nine levels to unlock, so that's 18 in all.

The main idea behind the game is to swipe your finger on objects of the same type on the game grid. There are various items on the screen such as coins, diamonds and mana. The main object that you want to like up though is the vikings, as this will help you to conquer the land and win the level.

Much like other puzzle games, it's all about getting the biggest chain you can and providing your pirates are in a straight or diagonal line, you'll be able to work up quite a chain, which is all part of the fun really. As you gain each chain your other little vikings (which are represented at the bottom of the screen) will walk from one end of the village to the other. Once they reach the right hand side you will have won the level.

To help you along the way, PlayerThree has also included magic runes which can help you progress, these include the ability to make bombs appear on the screen, add more coins or thrown in rows on men onto the grid, making it easier and faster for your to progress. You will need mana to use these abilities on the battlefield, although as mentioned, this can be collected on the grid.

As well as being helped you are also hindered, for instance a Fog of War comes along, blocking your view of the field, while men can also turn to stone, get drunk or get covered in spiderwebs. With these problems getting in your way, it only adds to the challenge, having you shake your device or tap the screen frantically depending on what's hindering you.

Loot The Land seems like a great little game which I can see myself getting pretty addicted to. And that pirate music is just ace.

Edited On 03 Oct, 2012

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Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Ahh these Bejeweled styled games are incredibly addictive. I remember when I first got an Xbox 360 I got Bejeweled with it. I turned it on adamant I was going to hate it. Afew hours later I still couldn't put it down

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