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PlayStation Mobile Games Round Up

With the recent unveiling of the new PlayStation Mobile store, tablets, phones and even the Vita now get a fresh batch of new games that you can take on the road with you. With over 20 games to choose it could be difficult to decide which games to take a chance on. We have already had a look at two titles from Futurlab in the shape of Beat Sliders and Fuel Tiracas, as well PlayerThree's quirky puzzler, Loot The Land. Now we have rounded up some of the others which we think you should consider adding to your collection.

Twist Pilot

Twist Pilot is a fun little touch screen maze game with the aim being to drag your rotor through a variety of complex mazes, avoiding hitting walls and enemies and collecting golden rings along the way. To add an extra challenge your rotor is constantly spinning, requiring you to perfectly time moving it when threading through smaller gaps. Helping you along the way are plenty of powerups like a rotor reverse, making it easier to negotiate certain corners; a minimiser to get through the tightest of gaps and a heart to regain lost health if you bash into walls or enemies too often. There are also plenty of powerups that will hinder you, with level layouts often leaving little choice but to collect them. Power up's include speed up and an expander, stretching your rotor to twice its size and making the game even more of a challenge. Steady hands are vital here, but add spiders to the mix that you have to dodge, with them even resorting to using magnets to pull you into walls.

There are over 70 levels to complete here, each with plenty of replayability. Each level provides a three star score system to gain on each maze, as well as providing you the challenge of collecting rings and getting the best time you can.


You have just escaped from prison and now you are on the run from the many guards that want to recapture you, the aim, to stay free. A devilishly simple idea that works so well that it is one of the stronger titles on the PlayStation Mobile store. Thankfully the guards on duty are awful shots, following your every move and just shooting away without a care in the world, this is to your advantage as you can then line up their shots to take out other guards. Initially armed with just wits, survival is of upmost importance, running loops around gun turrets, confusing and hoping they take out each other as every passing second more and more enemies join the hunt with turrets, jeeps and even helicopters with homing missiles. This is where the game excels as it?s all about the grind, allowing you to collect gems from each breakout and stash them away until you have enough to purchase from a selection of power-ups, giving you the ability to running faster,  gain armour, bullet time or provide a decoy. The more power-ups you have to use, the more chances you have to survive even longer on the run.

Though the general aim of the game is survival, Rebel comes in a few different game modes with later unlocked levels creating two types of enemy that can only damage the other side or even a couple of permanently firing, invincible turrets. I absolutely loved this game, it's so small and simple yet packed with unlockables, if this had online leaderboards it would have been arcade gaming perfection.

Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender

Now this takes me back, Defender, an absolute classic of the 80's, updated suitably for the current generation with cats. Aqua Kitty - Milk Min Defender is a side scrolling shooter; though rather than a start and a finish point you have the game world in a continual seamless loop, travelling all the way to the left or right will result in you eventually ending up where you started. The aim of the game is to protect some deep sea kitties as they mine the ocean floor for milk. These little fur babies will stay on the ocean floor, irrespective of the incoming underwater invasion, leaving you to fend off all manner of attackers. Though most are harmless to the miners there are some that will carry the kitties out of the water, so whilst you are watching your own tail you also have to constantly shoot down these oceanic abductors.

Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender hosts 21 missions, each adding more baddies and even more mining cats to protect, plus an Infinite Espresso that acts as a score challenge mode, no milk, just lots of enemies.

Super Crate Box

Best described as the original Mario Bros game with guns, this single screen game requires a fast trigger finger and sharp platform reactions. The aim is simple, collect crates whilst dodging constantly spawning enemies over a selection of three different platform based maps. The challenge comes in that with every enemy that makes it to the fire pit at the bottom; they will respawn twice as ugly and twice as mean. The only way to successfully collect these crates and protect yourself is by shooting them, though that is easier said than done as with every time you collect a crate, your weapon changes, requiring slightly different tactics each time. The constant changing of weapons and a very busy screen full of enemies cascading down the platforms makes for a very fast paced and quick to die challenge. Even with the very basic, almost original monochrome Gameboy like visuals the weapons are most satisfying, if a little short lived with dual pistols shooting left and right, a shot gun, flamethrower, machine run, revolver, katana and even a mini-gun, each is a blast to use and has their own strengths and weaknesses like the mini-gun, though will kill pretty much anything you aim at, the recoil will send you flying, or the flamethrower, good for controlling smaller groups of baddies, but it also sets the floor on fire, making you slow down.

Just like Rebel, this has a very addictive grind element to it, with the more crates you collect cumulatively unlocking even more weapons or if you set a specific high score on a stage, unlocking new modes and playable characters.

This is just a small sample of what the PlayStation Mobile store has on offer and so far not one title has been a dud; please check out this link for a full list along with the prices.

Edited On 05 Oct, 2012

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hairyfingernail's avatar
hairyfingernail 4 years ago
I'll be keeping on eye on this, hopefully they can get some games like. 1. Game Dev Story or any from Kairosoft. 2. The Dizzy remake. playing these on the vita would be awesome
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Is that last screen shot Super Crate box? If so thats me sold. I love grinding type gameplay and if thats the visuals than I'm bound to love it
Anonymous user's avatar
LLOYD 4 years ago
I'm hoping for that free app on vita, treasure park, to come to phones.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
A fantastically helpful round up there. Some great titles available already.

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