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Video - Hitman: Absolution interview with Gameplay Director Christian Elverdam

During the hectic and busy Eurogamer Expo last weekend, we managed to sit down for a few minutes with Danish developer, IO Interactive's Gameplay Designer on the upcoming stealth sequel, Hitman: Absolution.

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control (like Joe not being able to use a camera properly) the actual interview is quite out of focus, so we've used some recently released footage of the new Contracts game mode.  

We hope this doesn't spoiled your enjoyment of the interview.

Hitman: Absolution comes out November 20th and you can preorder the Professional Edition from ShopTo today.

Edited On 06 Oct, 2012

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Joeasis's avatar
Joeasis 4 years ago
yellowned's avatar
yellowned 4 years ago
Will definitely be picking this up, but not on day one. There's a few games on my backlog and quite a lot coming soon that have priority over Hitman.
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
I preordered the professional edition earlirt. I can't wait to play this. The sniper challenge alone has hours of replay value. I love the hitman games
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Wasn't sure of this game when it came out. Thought they were taking an action route instead of traditional Hitman gameplay. After watching one of their playthrough videos I realised I was very much wrong. Looks amazing. While here I think I'll leave this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfYRfpaBwnc Awesome parody of the game by Harry Partridge
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Same here after seeing the first few videos it seemed they were going the splinter cell conviction route and making it more actiony. However after seeing the walkthrough they done on one of the levels it looked more like classic hitman style.
Zombieflamingo 4 years ago
Konakona's avatar
Konakona 4 years ago
Looks like a fun game! Might end up buying this after a price drop. Also no the bad focus didn't ruin the video!
Radioactive Gary's avatar
Radioactive Gary 4 years ago
I've loved the Hitman franchise for years now and I admit I was apprehensive about Absolution when they first showed the library level & spoke constantly about making the game 'more accessible' for people. I'm pleased to admit that my reservations were 10000% wrong and the game now looks fantastic, a real treat for die hard Hitman fans and newcomers alike! Definitely my most anticipated game of 2012!
Shnoorum's avatar
Me too. It looked so unlike Hitman, was very worried it was gonna be an action game. Glade to be mistaken. No reservations at this point at all. I would say lets hope we're not dissapointed but at this point it seems very doubtfull
Shnoorum 4 years ago
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 4 years ago
this looks to me like my GOTY
The Auracle's avatar
The Auracle 4 years ago
Played this at Eurogamer and it's nothing short of stunning. Cannot wait for this to come out.
Anonymous user's avatar
Gary 4 years ago
I really enjoyed Blood Money (My first hitman game) and it was such a challenge to get the silent assassin ratings on levels. This game looks above and beyond what's happened in the past and it's got some very exciting new features for me. Still debating on whether or not to preorder just because of money. But it's definately on my to buy list.
COP3Y DUNT's avatar
COP3Y DUNT 4 years ago
This looks amazing and was another gem at eurogamer. I will get this but probably later rather than sooner.
damatman's avatar
damatman 4 years ago
I've never played a Hitman game before but after trying the King of Chinatown mission a week ago I am very excited. Some of the game looks fantastically stealthy while other parts allow you to hide in plain sight. I can't wait to see what critics think of it when it releases. Also, the Contracts mode seems bloody genius. A great way to extend the life of a single player centric game.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
If you have never tried them before i would recommend them they are great just so many ways to try and do the missions to get silent assassin ranks. Im sure the HD versions are out soon and for a reasonable price.
Zombieflamingo 4 years ago
shenmue4real's avatar
shenmue4real 4 years ago
Had my worries but I'm really looking forward to this but the Deluxe Professional Edition is a lot dearer on shopto compared to other sites ive seen.
creed95's avatar
creed95 4 years ago
i cant wait for this to come out, i think this will be one of my game of the years. i may also pick up the hd collection for the old games at christmas so i can enjoy them all over againn
karlosswan's avatar
karlosswan 4 years ago
I'm so hoping this will be great but secretly I'm afraid it might be a letdown somehow.....contracts does look excellent tho

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