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First FIFA 13 title update details revealed

EA revealed details of a upcoming title update and server downtime for FIFA 13.

Below is an important update on the large amount of activity happening this week to improve your FIFA 13 experience and address some of the challenges some fans have been facing with the game.

The team at EA Sports says via EA.com that it's been "working extremely hard to prioritize and address the items that have been brought to our attention. While we can't respond to every post and tweet, we have connected with and responded to thousands of you, and its invaluable feedback that we have received. We appreciate the help and support."

According to the team "feedback to date" has already helped it optimize connectivity for users, as well as tweak applications and game modes.

In this respect, the game will be offline for Maintenance on October 10 and October 11 to provide the following updates to the servers and game:

Maintenance - October 10th

During this maintenance window we have successfully addressed:

- Stuck and missing items in the FIFA Ultimate Team watch list and trade pile.
- Duplicate match results in Seasons and Online Friendlies.
- Users being relegated from Division 1 in Seasons with matches remaining.

FIFA 13 Title Update

- Connection stability in Online Seasons when finding an opponent in the Arena, and at kick-off.
- Career Mode freeze while starting a new career with free agents.
- Career Mode hangs when using Game Face.
- Stability in Career Mode when players retire or are being bought back from loan.
- Users will no longer be able to lower difficulty settings in a FUT Seasons match.
- Freeze in FUT Online Tournament HUB on PS3.
- Napoli of Serie A will now have fully authentic kits and crests in FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team.
- Legacy defending and passing assistance options removed in Pro Clubs.
- Freeze in Pro Clubs Results screen.
- Matchmaking settings in Pro Clubs (with "ANY" and "Match Keeper") will provide the desired results.
- Changes made in National Squad not properly reflected in Manager Mode screen.
- (PC Only) Freeze while retrieving Hospitality Settings.

Maintenance - October 11th (expect online service downtime)

- Work on the Auction House in FIFA Ultimate Team.
- Changes to error messaging in FIFA Ultimate Team Web and the EA SPORTS Football Club app.
- Leaderboards not displaying the correct gamertag.

EA also adds that there will be further updates this month, so we'll keep you updated as to what these will be.

You can read our review for FIFA 13 here.

Edited On 11 Oct, 2012

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scourge's avatar
scourge 4 years ago
i still haven't got round to buying this, but i had heard there was a number of little issues like alot of lag online and a few glitches here and there.
hairyfingernail's avatar
hairyfingernail 4 years ago
Its good to see them updating the game. but i'm sure for a few its to little to late.
rjc's avatar
Good to see an update arriving. I wish the gameplay was slowed down, though.
rjc 4 years ago
mat165's avatar
mat165 4 years ago
Still waiting for mine to be delivered , Sent on 27th :-(
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Whenever i play a pro clubs game, when it finishes it just comes up saying all the positions are undefined, i then have to load up ultimate team then load up pro clubs again to be able to play. highly frustrating. This and the refs on this game are the only problems i've had with this game so far.
creed95's avatar
creed95 4 years ago
they said they wouldn't add diving to the game as you would feel annoyed at losing a game because of a dive. well im feeling pretty annoyed now when im giving away penalties and red cards for fair tackles or no tackles at all. im pretty sure people will have spotted this bug, how could they have missed it
LFC Bywater's avatar
Mate i know how u feel, the refs were bad on the last fifa but they are much worse on this game. i spose having terrible refs makes the game more realistic though.... :P
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
Games running fine for me. But the 3 main problems that I'm glad are being fixed is just Ultimate Teams connectivity overall, the 'ANY' and 'GK' switches finally working and Napoli being licenced. I hated the badge they were having to use so happy they'll be much more recognisable now.
LFC Bywater's avatar
Yeh im happy about the Any and GK problem being fixed, at first i thought napoli had changed their badge, glad they havend cus it looked crap. not fussed though cus im a Juventus man anyway so never played as them.
LFC Bywater 4 years ago

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