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Hitman HD Collection get trophies but no announcement

PS3 trophies for the HD version of Hitman Blood MoneyContracts and Silent Assassin have appeared on the internet, despite the HD Collection of Hitman still being unannounced by developer Square Enix. 

News of the game first appeared via a retailer listing a few months ago, although little has been heard since then.

Given that the trophies are now appearing, we'd expect Square to announce something soon.

Edited On 17 Oct, 2012

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Anonymous user's avatar
LEVI 4 years ago
Interesting that in a series of emails with Shopto you reassured me that you had had it confirmed and were not just listing it because another retailer had listed it and you were trying to cash in on preorders.....
Anonymous user's avatar
LOUIS 4 years ago
aww this is doing my head in i want this so bad used to play them all the time an wanted to finish them before the new one comes out! well when you know when it is out let us know and you got my buy!!
Eldorado Knight's avatar
Eldorado Knight 4 years ago
same here really loved the hitman games years ago :) really want absolution :D wooooo lol
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
This has by far got to be the best feature of shopto.net's new website, I use it 3 times a day to see the latest news and now use shopto.net as my primary gaming news source.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
Will pre-order this from shopto if square Enix officially announce it, I've already pre-ordered on my dads account assassins creed 3, forza horizon, black ops 2, moh warfighter and th legendary halo 4.
angelus3889's avatar
angelus3889 4 years ago
The old hitman games are classics but with the new one out soon ive got my pre order in for that, ive enjoyed the hitman sniper challenge to which gives you a look at the gameplay which is fantasic for sure.
DubbleJd's avatar
DubbleJd 4 years ago
I've been checking regular for an update on this, want it soooo bad
rjc's avatar
rjc 4 years ago
Hope we get an official announcement soon. Appears as expected, it will be made official eventually.
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 4 years ago
I missed this first time around, but have been recommended the new one. But I do like my collections, and PS2 games are extremely good when done right (God Of War and Tomb Raider especially Anniversary). As with all, I will probably get a few days after when we find out how good they are so I dont get a donut (Silent Hill anyone?)

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