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Borderlands iOS game details leak

Details of a new Borderlands game have been leaked due to a page from the Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide. Borderlands Legends, which has been "specifically designed for mobile and tablet" will apparently be released this month for iOS - iPhone and iPad.

According to the advert, you'll be able to play as the original Borderlands characters in randomised missions, unlocking new skills and abilities as you go. Disappointingly, Borderlands Legends only features thousands of guns, compared to the 87 bazillion guns in it's larger sibling. 

We'll have more new and screenshots when they are revealed this week. 

Edited On 22 Oct, 2012

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hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
Well I love me some Borderlands so I'm most certainly up for some more on iOS.
shiftymorgan's avatar
shiftymorgan 4 years ago
Not exactly a fan of fps on touch screen devices. I always end up flailing like a maniac. However if they offer some connection to boarderlands 2 I probably end up getting because I am a loot junkie :(
Anonymous user's avatar
Matt 4 years ago
Seen as it states 'mobile and tablets' I'm hoping this will come to Android devices too, normally if something is only coming to the devices the developers explicitly mention iPhone/iPad.
s.c.g's avatar
s.c.g 4 years ago
This... seems like a waste of time but then I don't own an iPad so I guess it's not really being sold to me, I'm enjoying Borderlands 2 though as while it's not really GOTY material it's still fantastic fun to play.
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Meh. How about they start developing a new Borderlands on an actual hand held console. Oh yes, I went there
Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
I know that thousands of guns are a lot less than 87 bazillion but i'm sure that it will still be sufficient :P will certainly get this as i am a sucker for anything borderlands related, and will love the opportunity to play as brick again.

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