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Rockstar releases first GTA V artwork

Rockstar has just released the first official artwork for Grand Theft Auto V.

The artwork shows members of a crew attempting the heist seen in the first trailer. GTA V currently doesn't have a release date but more information is set to be released in the coming weeks. 

You can download a bigger version of this artwork here - Rockstar have kindly made almost every format under the sun available to be instantly downloaded.

This is the first piece of media to release since Rockstar released in game images back in August.

Edited On 24 Oct, 2012

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Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
Really really realllly cannot wait for this game, i'm really hoping this is going to come out in march latest as i don't think i can wait much longer!!
Wey1's avatar
need some gameplay soon, eagerly awaiting this.
Wey1 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
I am surprised they haven't brought out gameplay videos, maybe its because they do not need to create hype because they know that it being GTA will create enough hype as it is.
Rachael 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Im not sure if this is true but I heard that GTAV has already been finished and could of been released in E3 2011 but for some reason they wanted to develop it more as more games were coming out and it was a competition..... It was on some website that the main reason why they are not releasing everything yet is like for GTA IV there was bugs this time they dont want that to happen
Tarun 4 years ago
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
Looking at this, I hope a GTAV artbook is released.
Anonymous user's avatar
This reminds me of the artwork that is used during the loading screens on the game. Would look very nice in an artbook though.
Rachael 4 years ago
scourge's avatar
scourge 4 years ago
Rockstar really need to release some gameplay. I'm starting to get bored of the little bits 'n' pieces they've been showing us.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
Sure that looks pretty, but come on Rockstar, wow us with some innovation with this instalment.
Anonymous user's avatar
IAIN 4 years ago
I hope this game takes a more fun approach than gta IV did . I thought it was too realistic for it's own good when compared to the more outlandish GTA S.A and V.C which i enjoyed a lot more
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Can't wait for this. Nothing beats driving round with you're friends online messing about killing each other, as soon as a release date is announced i will be pre-ordering.
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
So far I think I love Sleeping Dogs the most when it comes to free roaming crie type games. Lets see if GTA5 can take my number 1 spot
0000000000's avatar
0000000000 4 years ago
i think ive never been so excited about a new release and thats because i have no idea when its out and ive had it preordered since available! i dont think this will pop out of my head until i have an official release date but rockstar know what they are doing by waiting so long... its building suspense :D GTA V roll on!!
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 4 years ago
This looks amazing... I cannot wait for GTA 5. Reckon it'll be summer 2013. :)
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 4 years ago
bmx's returning... Bring it on!
Loved these artworks when they came out but really Rockstar should have knocked us up some sort of demo to make up for all the delays and tide us over till spring 2013 lol worth a try,nah didnt think so keep the artwork coming then :)

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