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Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Review

The Vita yet again shows how versatile it can be by granting us some serious 2 on 2 tag battles with Capcom's and Namco's greatest ever fighters. Released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 only a few months ago, the Vita finally has its own go at this huge fighting game and not only does it match blow for blow its bigger brother, but you also get plenty of new bits to sweeten the deal if you already own a copy on the home consoles.

What hasn't changed is the truly pointless story, set around a mysterious cube crashing into Antarctica and having the Street Fighter and Tekken characters battle it out over who wants Pandora the most; it's all nonsense even by fighting game standards but that's not why you purchase a game like this.

With Street Fighter X Tekken it's all about online battles and with the Vita you are able to play against not only Vita owners but also PS3 owners, pretty much guaranteeing a fight; just remember those PS3 players have had a lot more time playing this and with a rather unbalanced matchmaking system at the moment you will more often than not be well out of your league in battle, but with more people starting off on zero Battle Points it will take a little time to strike a decent balance between PS3 and Vita players, in the meantime practice makes perfect and this game has it by the bucket load with tutorials, training room, a huge variety of difficulties to slowly work your way through and a fully customizable button configuration to help you find the perfect button layout.

Staying on the control subject, Street Fighter X Tekken is yet again a very responsive fighting game, with the buttons responding perfectly to your commands even during the more complicated special move and combos, allowing you to use the d-pad or joystick to move your characters. Being a Vita game the touch screen and touch pad have been utilized to allow you to preload button combos for a quick one touch execution, with two on the back and four on the right hand side for the screen. You may as well just turn off the touch controls early on as whilst they work just as well as the other buttons, what with the layout of the square button being so close to the edge of the screen you will continually accidentally hit them.

As with any fighting game the fighters roster is all important and Street Fighter X Tekken does not disappoint with a staggering 55 characters to choose from. That's all of the original games characters like Ryu and Jin, the PS3 exclusive characters that included Pac-Man, Mega Man and Cole from Infamous and then the extra downloadable characters like Blanka, Jack-X and Cody. There will be a style of fighting for everyone to enjoy and master, utilising all of the strengths and weaknesses to create the perfect tag team.

If you fancy some solo battles there are plenty of modes to choose from, with the standard Arcade mode trying to explain the story a little more with specific duo's unlocking more videos. The Burst Kunite mode is an endless battle mode pitching you up against random opponents plus previous opponents from online games and a series of Challenge modes that offer missions, trails and even more tutorials.

Love or loath them, the Gem system returns, allowing you to allot them to your chosen fighter, granting them different powers and stat builders and whilst not looked upon fondly by the more hardcore fighting fan, these really change the balance of the fights if used to their fullest, granting the likes of speed bursts and damage by carrying out specific requirements.

Graphics and more specifically the fluidity of the frame rate are crucial on a game like this, especially for the more competent fighters who learn every frame to maximise brutal combinations and the Vita manages to hold its own with the actual action being fluid and fast. With an impressive load speed that mocks a lot of console games there is always a battle ready to get into. I am going to show my age here but I remember studying magazines trying to find differences between the original Street Fighter 2 arcade and Street Fighter 2 home editions screen shots, getting in a tizz when you notice an elephant from Dhalsims level was missing from the background just to fit the game on those memory restrictive cartridges, with the Vita I am hard pushed to see any difference at all from the home console versions, it looks that good.

Away from all of the fighting are a few fun additions including loads of new costumes to customise your characters with that you can share via Near plus an augmented reality mode which allows you to place any of the characters into the real world by way of the Vita's cameras. Whilst it certainly works it feels all little pointless as you are unable to move around the character or interact with them, they just stand in the middle of the screen, superimposed over the real world, fun for a few minutes until you get your fill of pictures of Ryu squaring up against your cat.

Street Fighter X Tekken is a fantastic game to own on your Vita, offering all of the action you would expect from a home console game, but in a smaller form and considering all of the extras you get over the PS3 version, if you were holding back now is the time to grab a copy.

Words by Ash Buchanan.


A huge selection of 55 characters
Great graphics and sound
Plenty to do, solo and multiplayer
PS3/Vita cross platform online function


Touch controls get in the way, just turn them off
Augmented Reality mode seems pointless
Online needs to be more balanced

Edited On 27 Oct, 2012

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Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
The review states that there's new bits compared to the PS3 version however I don't seem to see anything stating what these new things are? It says about exclusive characters however those seem to be on the PS3's Special Edition (which is cheaper) too.
Ash Buchanan's avatar
second from last paragraph.
Ash Buchanan 4 years ago
Wey1's avatar
good review, loving the pros and cons addition also.
Wey1 4 years ago
Datastatic's avatar
Datastatic 4 years ago
Will pick this up somewhere down the line when its a bit cheaper. Already got 3 excellent beat em ups for Vita but sure there is room for another.
Anonymous user's avatar
Taz 4 years ago
As someone who is a long time fighting game player who understands the depths of the mechanics of this genre, I can say, this game is terrible. Not even talking about the pathetic Capcom day 1 DLC, the game itself is a mess. The hotboxes on some characters are broken (like Rolento). The music is absolutely the WORST I've ever heard from any fighting game. The graphics seem to have less level of polish than what SFIV had. The real problem with this game is how seriously they want you to take it. GEMS! Gems are the worst addition you can add to a game (Along with Xfactor in MvC3). Some gems BLOCK FOR YOU in return for only 1/8 of your super meter. Pandora is extremely pointless and was not needed. This is Capcom catering to those who don't know how to play the game yet want them to succeed. This game is so bad, they won't be showcasing a tournament for it at EVO 2013(The words largest fighting game tournament) due to how horrendous this turd fest is. It's constantly having the mickey taken out of it by everyone in the Fighting Game Community. Basically, if you ignorant of these types of games and just mash away like button monkey rather than learning it, then fine. But if you're a self respecting fighting game player you will stay away. (I'd also like to add I thought the review was solid and that reviewer did a great job, but the game is far from good or any redeeming qualities)
Anonymous user's avatar
Taz 4 years ago
As someone who plays pretty much every fighting game that comes out and learn as much of mechanics as possible (SFxT being one). The game is bad. To even say I don't know much about the genre is laughable since I played the game non-stop about the week, watch pre-tournament streams, read the frame and hitbox data and even attended an SFxT tournament myself in April. The mechanics of SFxT are laughable at best. Gems are another sad gimmick that requires 0 skill. If you don't want to block, you can simply equip the Auto-block gem. Don't feel like blocking? Then equip the Auto-tech gem. The problem with the auto-block gem is that if you spend hours creating a set-up in the training room than would naturally be difficult to block (like Bisons EX Psycho Crusher crossup on wakeup), the opponent doesn't need to fear a deadly move since they don't need to block and can let the game do it for them. Not to mention "dial combos (Simply press LMHH >Auto tag followed by LMH. Boring). Easy inputs (Mash random Dragon Punches). Oh the amount of "Time Outs/Overs" on this game is a joke. Pandora is another pointless gimmick that adds nothing to the game and isn't fully ultilised; though it doesn't need to be because we don't need another x-factor (like whatr MvC3 had). The graphics seem of a lower quality than SFIV and the music is absolutely horrendus. Maybe the odd 2 or so good songs. But the majority are horrible. I've already stated I know a lot about the game and have played it enough to know (feel free to YouTube the nearly 100matches I made (BumblebeeCody)) and that'll prove how much of a "sad little man" I am but also prove your a pointless defender with high ignorance of a bad game. Oh yeah last thing, I guess you're excited about SFxT being at EVO in 2013 right? Oh wait, they pulled it because nobody in the fighting game community likes it. Shhh
s.c.g's avatar
s.c.g 4 years ago
Nice for people to have the option of playing this in portable form I guess... personally I still don't want it though, I prefer a little more substance to my fighting games.

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