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Hitman: Absolution cinema trailer confirms Agent 47 still has what it takes

Square Enix and IO Interactive have released a brand new cinematic trailer for next month's action adventure sequel, Hitman: Absolution. Be sure to look out for it if you're visiting the cinema with in the next month.

For anyone wondering, the music used in the trailer is a remix of Kavinsky - Roadgame. Kavinsky is best known for his opening track 'Nightcall' featured in the 2011 critically acclaimed movie DRIVE.

Hitman: Absolution will be dressing up in a sophisticated disguise and assassinating stores November 20th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There's still time to preorder your copy today of the Deluxe Professional Edition from ShopTo today.  

Edited On 27 Oct, 2012

Wey1's avatar
hope we get a release date for the hd collection of hitman, looking forward to that expected announcement and this game.
Wey1 2 years ago
It's either this or Assassins creed 3 for me, still undecided. This seems quite similar to Max Paynes gameplay, but obviously more sneaky sneaky.
Rachael 2 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
rachael just to let you know aassassins creed 3 is in stock and mine was sent out today so if your thinking about getting assassins creed you might want to order know to get it before its release of 31st of october.
Jamie 2 years ago
I get some pay on monday so was going to order it then, Thankyou though :)
Rachael 2 years ago
i should hopefully be preordering my copy from you guys soon, really looking forward to playing it.
scourge 2 years ago
Can't wait for this game. Had my preorder on lock down since June.
Jackson 2 years ago
Looks good and the music was awesome, thanks for including a credit for it. I shall see what your review of this is though before making a purchase.
hallben 2 years ago
Really can't wait for this. Looks so awesome :D
Allan 2 years ago
square enix have put their stamp on this 1 and its already looking amazing and i cant wait for it to come in the post!! this and tomb raider next year will be massive hits for square enix and im a massive fan of theirs nice to see them doing other things
0000000000 2 years ago
This one is on my xmas list, having already decided on ACS, Halo 4, Blops 2, MOH and NFS lol
UKVampire 2 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Blood money was great, and i hope this is just as good as the old one, with all great titles coming out soon i believe this may be a christmas purchase
Lewis 2 years ago
cant wait to get this i have it on pre order and seems like forever till it comes out,think they have got it nailed with the online hitman challages as well,may hours are gonna be killed on this
rick75fowler 2 years ago
Hitman Absolution look great! Loved Blood Money. I got so many games to catch up with after I'm done with ac3.
ALIAS 2 years ago
I've never played a Hitman game before but this iteration has me interested.
s.c.g 2 years ago
Of course he still has what it take's, he's a top assassin lol. Can't wait to play this game, i'll have to play some Blood Money to prepare for it.
no47 2 years ago
will be nothing like blood money i dont think now square enix have got their name on it
0000000000 2 years ago
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