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GTA V poster points to Spring 2013 release

A leaked retail poster for the European version of GTA shows that the game will be released 'Spring 2013.'

The poster, below, shows that the game will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360, although there is no mention of any other platform for now.

It seems to make sense that the game will come out sometime after April, since this is the new financial year for 2k Games. There is also the fact that Bioshock Infinite will be released before next April, which didn't leave much room on the early part of the calendar for Rockstar's latest.

It's interesting to note that there doesn't seem to be a Wii U version announced for now.

Expect more details on the actual release date soon.

Edited On 28 Oct, 2012

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Anonymous user's avatar
LEWIS 4 years ago
This makes sense; Rockstar games usually drop in May. I dearly hope this is true though. Just need Rockstar to stop being so damned mysterious!! haha
scourge's avatar
scourge 4 years ago
I was thinking it would be a April/May release, just need Rockstar to release some game play footage!
Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
I don't know if I can wait that long :( Really looking forward to this coming out. Would feel better if there was a definite release date though!
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
I just hope it's better than 4, that was such a severe disappointment.
Anonymous user's avatar
I enjoyed 4, but I agree that it could have been so much better.
Rachael 4 years ago
s.c.g's avatar
s.c.g 4 years ago
This had better be decent, GTAIV was fun yet completely forgettable so this really needs to be something rather special.

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