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PS Vita compared to woman with four breasts in new advert

A brand new advert for the PS Vita has compared Sony's handheld to a woman with four breasts. The French magazine ad is designed to showcase the touch-sensitive areas on the Vita's front and rear.

The French text on the advert translates to: "Touch both sides. Twice the sensations."

A Twitter user first posted the image yesterday (via Kotaku) yesterday. As far as we know the advert has not appeared in the UK yet.

Edited On 01 Nov, 2012

HAHAHA, I love it!! They would never allow that in the UK though without massive uproar
Bruticus 3 years ago
That is awfully sexist. trust the French to come up with it.
Gloria 3 years ago
That's awfully racist, trust a moron to come up with that.
Taz 3 years ago
It's not racist when they're French. ;P
Gloria 3 years ago
Well that headline certainly grabbed my attention. Those crazy French folk, eh.
Birdorf 3 years ago
WOW.... How is the industry ever to be taken seriously with stunts like this?... There's a very fine line between 'tongue in cheek' advertising and sexism... Doesn't this just fuel the stereotype that all gamers are geeky pervs?
iamthe11oyd 3 years ago
To be fair, isn't that the case? haha
Bruticus 3 years ago
4 boobs!? sales for men will be flying lmao!
0000000000 3 years ago
You think men are obsessed with the female form, you should check out the Female Today section on the Daily Mail website, it's just full of "stories" about female celebs boobs and bikini bodies.
adwan 3 years ago
That's different, that's not sexual. We're far more interested in what men have in their pants. :)
Gloria 3 years ago
Waiting for the next model of vita, with nipples! Sexist, yes. But it's hardly the worst thing in the world. And certainly not the worst bit of advertising I've seen for a game or game machine
troublemaker 3 years ago
If only lol. Reminds me of the 3 boobed woman off of Total Recall. :) Sony definately have some weird adverts lol.
no47 3 years ago
Baby, you make me wish I had 3 hands! Yeah, I thought the wsame thing!
troublemaker 3 years ago
Thank you for using the word breasts and not boobs. Boobs is so very sad
HappyNoodleBoy 3 years ago
Incredible that ad got published, although it definitely got my attention. Will the next iteration of handhelds be equivalent of a woman with 8 breasts then?
shiny miller 3 years ago
I would rather have an actual woman with 4 breasts first please
Bruticus 3 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
2 on the front, 2 on the back...wouldn't that just be excessive fat?
Lorna 3 years ago
Attention grabbing yes, but just kinda stupid really. I think if it was in the UK people would just think it's weird, I know I do.
Lisa 3 years ago
Did you use the word 'grabbing' on purpose ;)
Bruticus 3 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
So men and lesbians only? Never planned to buy a playstation Vita and this advert has done nothing to change that...I have no desire to feel multiple breasts!
Lorna 3 years ago
kwok007's avatar
Weird......... But it would sure pass away the cold winter nights......
kwok007 3 years ago
HaHa Briliant (*)(*) :)
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