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Mass Effect Trilogy to get PS3 release, date announced

BioWare has announced that the Mass Effect Trilogy originally announced for PC and Xbox 360 will also be released on PS3

BioWare announced the news over on their official blog:

"The PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect Trilogy will have the original Mass Effect with Bring Down the Sky integrated into the game, both on-disc and on the PSN download. Mass Effect 2 will still have the same DLC on-disc that it was originally shipped with: Cerberus Network; Kasumi; Overlord; and Lair of the Shadow Broker. Finally, Mass Effect 3 will also be exactly as it originally shipped."

The Xbox 360 version will include all DLC that came with the original games - Cerberus Network with Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 remains unchanged as well.

The PC is the same as Xbox 360, except both Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station are available for free, just as they are for all PC players who purchases each standalone product today.

Mass Effect Trilogy is set for release on Xbox 360 and PC on November 9th in Europe, and on PS3 on December 7th in Europe.

Edited On 02 Nov, 2012

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HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
Despite owning all 3 games across the 360 and PS3, I will be buying this aswell as the ME1 downoad on PSN. I'm a complete sucker for anything Mass Effect. Omega DLC this month too :D
AvatarIII's avatar
AvatarIII 4 years ago
The lack of ME1 on PS3 is why I never bothered with ME2 or 3, so I might actually buy this trilogy!!
adwan's avatar
Same here. I know that ME2 came with a catchup comic on PS3 but that's not the same as playing it. Will probably buy this at some point though.
adwan 4 years ago
MGG's avatar
MGG 4 years ago
Looking forward...
Datastatic's avatar
Datastatic 4 years ago
Personally I hated ME 1 and thought it a bit of a chore. I was well surprised when ME 2 turned out to be so fantastic and ME 3 nearly as good. They are almost totally different games. I know I will end up buying ME 1 again and hating myself for it.
Anonymous user's avatar
Holly 4 years ago
I've been meaning to play ME2 and 3 for a while now, but like others, wanted to play the first in the trilogy first. This is good, as I can download the first one from the PS Store and borrow 2 and 3 from my boyfriend. Finally I'll understand the Mass Effecty stuff when he mentions it! I love these open world games where things you do change the way the story or environment pans out - like the Fallout games, Infamous etc. These should be pretty good.
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Meh, own them all anyways. Single player wise I got the most out of number 1. No idea how much hours I spent on that one. I'd also recommend trying 3's multiplayer. Quite addictive
no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
I'll hopefully be getting this for Christmas as i really want to play ME1 on the PS3 to see what improvements they've made for this game over the 360 one. Either way i can't wait to play on and complete the whole series over again like i have for it on the 360.
shiny miller's avatar
shiny miller 4 years ago
Right this is the spur I need to finally play these games! PS. Presumably there's a lot more DLC available that isn't included in this box set?
ZdravkoN's avatar
ZdravkoN 4 years ago
I own the games on PC. I wanted to buy this edition for XBOX360, but because the DLCs won't be available (I would still have to pay extra for them), I won't be buying this. It doesn't feel like 'complete edition'.

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