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Opinion: PlayStation Vita doesn't deserve to be criticised

I'm fed up. The reason? We'll I love my PS Vita but everywhere I look there is yet another person telling me it's a failure. Looking at the games I have on my system I can't really understand this argument, after all I can name at least 40 titles which have been released for the Vita since March, as well as all the unique features that you can't find anywhere else, yet despite this people are still not happy. So I guess my question has to be why?

The main source of my frustration is a mixture of journalists and the general public, the latter of which kickstarted my thoughts on this very subject thanks to the creation of this thread on NeoGaf. Quoting the thread creator on NeoGaf, he states that he "doesn't understand" what's happening with the handheld, stating that he feels Sony should be offering new colours, a small price cut and bundles, while also offering us his thoughts on the lack of games shown at this year's tradeshows. Perhaps the most interesting part of his thoughts on the system though is the fact that he doesn't even own one.

Now I'm really only using this person as an example, but it seems like those who do not own the system seem to be its biggest critics. I can't really say that I've met anyone who does own a Vita that is not happy with it. Sure it could do with a few more games, but quality titles take a long time to develop, so unless you want mediocre games which release every few months, then patience is a virtue.

I also have to take issue with a few other parts of this persons thoughts, for instance he states that there are no bundles/deals. Well looking at our very own website seems to suggest that this is far from the truth. ShopTo has plenty of memory card / game bundles for PS Vita which seem to offer great value. Sure the system may be a little bit on the expensive side, but this is a very advanced handheld, technically on a par with many of it's mobile based rivals but half the price. It's certainly much more advanced than the 3DS, yet only slightly more expensive.

As for the games? LittleBigPlanet; Uncharted; Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Silent Hill, Sound Shapes, When Vikings Attack, FIFA, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, PlayStation Mobile, the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and of course the arrival of PlayStation Plus. The immediate future looks quite bright too, with Media Molecule's Tearaway, Killzone, Soul Sacrifice and a portable version of Bioshock all on the way. You'd also be a fool to think that Sony doesn't have a load more in development that we don't even know about, while I'd imagine a few third party developers do too.

As far as I'm concerned it won't take that much for people to realise what a great machine the Vita is. Imagine Rockstar announced a new GTA for Vita tomorrow, or Capcom announced a Vita version of Monster Hunter. If this happened then all of a sudden people would be climbing over themselves to say what a great machine it is.

I don't believe for a second that Vita is finished, I firmly believe that it's still to find it's feet and learn to walk and once it does it'll leave every other portable gaming device in it's wake. The Vita, like the PSP is a fantastic machine, and the sooner everyone realizes this, the better. Maybe I can be fed up about. 

Edited On 06 Nov, 2012

Its very true Joe there is some quality Vita titles. Its a shame that it is struggling. The reason I think though it could be the case is the influx of Mobile Devices such as iPhone's and iPad's which can provide cutting edge graphics as well as do many other things too. I am beginning to think that the 3DS is struggling too.
Beazi 2 years ago
Yeah I can understand why people would opt for a mobile device, I have an iPhone myself. However it cannot replicate the gaming on the the go experience that Vita does and imo it never will as long as you need to rely on touchscreen controls and not analogue sticks.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
Wey1's avatar
very ironic this article, just as im actually properly considering getting one. there's actually quite a few titles that interest me, and i will admit i was one of the vita's critics. im seriously considering getting one, hoping we get some great bundles around xmas time. memory card pricing does still put me off a bit, and the fact that some game bundles tend to be downloads vouchers. any idea how big lbp or fifa is anyone?
Wey1 2 years ago
LBP is 1716MB, I think FIFA is around 2gb. I think.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
there are a few ways that the Vita poops all over mobile devices Hardware controls Rear touch AAA titles Better graphics Potential for bigger games (eg NFS:MW) Bigger screen than phones cheaper than similar quality/similarly sized tablets cross-play with PS3 cross-buy with PS3 future second-screen functionality with PS3 (which considering the fact that buying a PS Vita + a PS3 is actually a similar price to the Wii U will be a big thing next year) less games with microtransactions (and the ones that there are are better, eg, compare ToM:Blitz on Vita to the phone versions, or try to find a F2P game on phones with graphics as good as Ecolibrium) the only way phones/tablets have it better is larger selection of apps and games more people own one more cheaper/free games multi functionality for phones purchase by contract bigger screen on tablets Anyone that is serious about gaming should totally get a Vita, especially if you are already a PS3 gamer. if you are happy playing games like Angry Birds, paying for games via microtransactions, graphics that peak at PS2 levels, and using virtual Twin sticks, then good for you, but you wouldn't appreciate a Vita.
Richard 2 years ago
I do agree with your earlier post Joe I really do. I have Dead Space and Resi 4 on my iPhone and got to be honestly. Graphically both are fantastic, but control wise swiping the screen is not for me. Likewise with the sonic games which should be easy to play but as my hands are like shovels sonic always over-runs. Loved the days of Pro Evo 6 on my Psp
Beazi 2 years ago
As a gamer, I don't count the iPhone or iPad as gaming devices. Yeah, I know they CAN play games, but I don't feel the need to have them on it. The cash price of a PS Vita is high; that has to be the deciding factor for most gamers.
Barada 2 years ago
Hear hear. I totally agree, I love my Vita, and consider it great value for what it can do. it's early days for the game library/PSMobile, but it's lifespan is far enough in the future that I can see it being an important companion to the PS4, so the library will grow in time. it has been out less than a year so it really is to early to be judging it so harshly, I say give it another year, at least, to prove itself.
Richard 2 years ago
I agree but my main gripe is the time frame between US/EU/Jap releases. US already has Persona 4 Golden and Ragnarok Odyssey this fall. The only game we get that is a separate title from the PS3 is Virtue's Last Reward. A cheaper price point and a few console exclusives in the same caliber as Gravity Rush and I am sure people would jump at the console more.
Shoozle 2 years ago
I couldn't agree more. The thing vita needs in my opinion is games that aren't on other systems already, nobody wants to play a title that's slightly inferior on a small screen when you can play a better version on Ps3 or 360 on a big hd tv. I'd like to see more games like resistance burning sky and assassins creed liberation I think this is the way to sell more vistas.
JONATHAN 2 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
I have to say that there isn't one day I regret having a vita. I am so glad to have it. The first few months there might have been a lack of great titles, but now closer to xmas we are really spoilt for choice. The system is so versatile and I love being able to game on the go, since I commute a lot for work. Like you said, the critics are the idiots who don't even own one.
Pedro 2 years ago
Hymeleon 2 years ago
I own one and cannot say I'm hugely happy about it. Little Big Planet and Uncharted felt so lazy and poor, cash-ins on big name titles to make the Vita stand out more. I look at Japan and am amazed by the amount of great titles out for this console, then look here and sigh. Great titles being skipped over because developers and publishers don't think they'll sell. I doubt the UK will be getting Ragnarok, which people are claiming to be great. Not to say there aren't great games on the Vita. Disgaea 3, Little King's Story and Everybody's Golf are superb. But none are really exclusive and out on other consoles, which is the main problem with the Vita. Too many games coming out that are already on the PS3. I've yet to be convinced by the console itself, but maybe because my 3DS is getting way more use out of my time. But its a lot better than initially stated. I do wish to finally point out however that anyone paying for the PSV version of Fifa should know that every purchase allows EA to realise that they can literally repackage old games.
Robichoico 2 years ago
I stated in my review about my anger of FIFA 13, however that's only because I own the previous game. If you don't own FIFA Football, then it's fair to say FIFA 13 is the best portable football game money can buy.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
Then what reason is there to buy Fifa 13 when Fifa Football is about £10 as opposed to £35?
Robichoico 2 years ago
It's a fantastic bit of kit, I've had mine since launch day and don't regret purchasing it for a single minute
Craig John 2 years ago
I have a Vita, and while I think it is a great console with great potential, I find myself not using as often as I would like to. My main gripes are the pricing of full release games and memory cards. Had the Vita come with 16gb of flash storage then I think it would sell so much better, with the option to buy extra larger capacity cards if you need/want to. I have an 8gb card but I know that it will be filled just by downloading a couple of full release titles. I'm also struggling to see why Sony made the decision to go with a new card media, have they not learnt from past mistakes on memory cards/UMD's/Mini-discs that people don't like to be forced to use a new, expensive, format exclusive, media storage?? Why is their 16gb card over £30 when a micro-SD card can be bought for under a tenner??
Then we look at the games. For the most part they are not at the same level as the home consoles in terms of quality or content so why are they priced the same? Why do I have to spend £40 to buy Fifa 13, and then another £40 to buy Fifa 11 on the Vita with updated kits, rosters and a few touch controls thrown in for good measure? Vita games that are meant to be of "console quality" need to have a slightly lower price point than actual console games. Also, why are games being sold by retailers between £38-£40 yet I can buy off the PS store for £39.99? Aren't retailers usually cheaper than the store historically? Why is the Vita treated differently?

In my eyes if you change these things and make the Vita software more affordable it will sell more. This is the sole reason why mobile gaming is popular, it's priced to be affordable and mobile. It knows it's not a home games console and doesn't pretend to be but still provides some good quality titles. PSMobile is a good start, and is moving in the right direction to give those lighter gaming bites at the right price levels.

PSPlus on the Vita is a great move and will help those with not many games at the moment, and will hopefully convince existing plus subscribers that a Vita is for them as well, but this will only happen if good and actual Vita titles are added to the line-up. Not old PSP games and PSOne classics.

Like I said, I love my Vita, I think it's great tech, I just wish it was more affordable to be able to buy games and memory cards. I think the console is priced about right, especially when compared to the 3DS and iPod Touch, it's just the games need to come down in price by about £10. If they're priced £39.99 RRP, retailers should sell them at £29.99, like is the case with console games, where they're RRP is £49.99 yet almost every retailer sells for £39.99 and under.
adwan 2 years ago
I don't think I can disagree with any of that. Being a fan of the Vita, and owning one since release, I have to say my main gripe is the lack of games. Not as in, there aren't any, but there are very few that appeal to me. I don't know why it took them so long to release a shooter (Resistance), when I thought they would have aimed for that as either a release title, or close to release. I fully agree with you on the memory card issue, which I'm sure nearly every Vita fan will. This day and age, a 32gb class 10 microSD card will cost you £20, yet I think Sony were asking £70 for their top card.... And to reitterate what you said, I love the Vita, it is an amazing piece of kit
Bruticus 2 years ago
Can't argue with that really. Vita is great, but the memory card decision and game prices are silly. Saying that though, most new systems have expensive games and 3DS games aren't always cheap.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it's my favourite gaming device ever. Yeah, I know. It's a shame they decided to charge so much for memory cards since there are some great downloadable games available(looking forward to Sine Mora soon). Big selling point for me was PSP games like Tactics Ogre and FF Tactics, I've waited an age to play them. Once the price drops things will get better, can't see them giving up on it given that they still support the PSP.
Birdorf 2 years ago
I don't really care for the vita myself but the Vita is in no way a bad handheld. It has incredible technology that really pushes the handheld market. That's all fine and dandy but the games are pretty meh. Nothing that has really been amazing (Apart from the odd few like Gravity Rush) and Uncharted was another over hyped title. Also, this is Sony so they want to throw money everywhere just to turn the system on. It's expensive to begin with and at they price they are asking for, you may as well buy a console. Sony are ALWAYS about the money. You need to pay a lot for the system, plus the memory card, plus the games are full price console games and the PSN store is pretty damn expensive. It's also worth noting that Sony systems do incredibly well in Japan so it's not going to be failing anytime soon.
Taz 2 years ago
It's just online haters(people who comment & most 'so called' gaming sites) who just hate everything PlayStation that slag off the PSVita & PS3 :-/ I have a PS3 from day 1(ish) & i have loved every minute of it(just like the PS2 & PS1 before that) But the hater need to find anything(that doesn't really matter) to bring down the PlayStation name :-/ I just ignore it all now :D + the PSVita is a brilliant piece of kit!!! :P Nothing wrong with it really;)
Carl-G 2 years ago
Non Vita owner here. I had planned on getting a Vita on launch. Then I read about thier backwards compatability. I tend to buy games at launch, new and often CE when avaliable but because I did that, instead of waiting months for the game to show up on PSN, if it did at all what would mean I would need to spend hours downloading and installing any game I want to play I get punished. I am expected to re-buy all my games (well the ones I can) if I want to keep playing them. It's not like it's a diffrent game or updated version of the same game it's just digital copy of the games I already have. (I also believe japan at least got discounts on the games) While I do buy alot of games I never really did for PSP but still. 7 games all bought new cost me £160.79. It would cost £77.95 to re-buy the 5 games I could. Just a bit of complaining but I believe the backwards compatability thing is a cause for many to get a vita regardless of how good the hardware is. Believe it also got outsold by PSP a few months ago? (Most of that was just ranting so I hope my rambling point got accross)
kdogground2 2 years ago
In Japan the Vita is constantly outsold by not only the 3DS but the PSP itself. A lot of big games are coming out for the PSP over the Vita too (One Piece being a prime example.)
Robichoico 2 years ago
Wey1's avatar
thanks for the response, joe. not too bad then. i imagine they have to not be that big if digital downloads.
Wey1 2 years ago
had one at launch but sadly got rid of it a month later because of lack of games, but with ps1 support now and some good games on the way think of picking one up again from GAME who have a good deal which is a major surprise(shame shopto didnt have the same deal). but what i want to see is more jrpgs if it gets them like the psp.
cthulhu 2 years ago
This is the very reason I buy PlayStation products; Sony put games first. Not gimmicks, not extra features that can be used elsewhere, it's games. I can almost guarantee Rockstar are working on a GTA title that will likely be almost identical to it's console counterpart, and I'm expecting a Monster Hunter announcement within a few months. Why? Because Sony try their best to get games on the system. I believe the 3DS and the Vita can co-exist, as Nintendo will never die as long as they have Mario games to pump out, but Sony are delivering brilliant experiences like Gravity Rush and Uncharted. It seems now that the only problem we can't justify is the price, as the memory card prices are slowly killing it, but I'm a consumer that pays for quality, and that's exactly what the Vita is giving me.
Kettle11 2 years ago
I'm kinda tired of hearing about "expensive memory cards". First of all in new system there are should not be no "usual" cards, just because any self-proclaimed hacker would go and try to play with it's contents. If someones try to compare prices, they should compare read/write speeds too. High speed SD cards are in the same price category as Vita's MC.
Hymeleon 2 years ago
I purchased my Vita last month, and got it in a bundle with LBP, Gravity Rush and Uncharted... oh and a 4GB card. I've since bought AC3: Liberation, as well as downloading a handful of great PSP games I missed out on. And so far, I'm really happy. True, I don't play on it as much as my PS3 at the moment, but for on the go entertainment it wipes the floor with other mobile devices.
preyalone 2 years ago
I understand some not having a interest in a device but the pure hate from people who do not even own a Vita or played a Vita is silly. Give me a Vita with the real games it has over a tablet and phone £1 games.
Jimbo_1 2 years ago
Don't forget Assassin's Creed Liberation! I bought my Vita after winning a Dell Facebook competition and winning a laptop I didn't need. I sold the laptop and used the money to buy a Vita with a nice selection of games and the 16GB memory card. I have to admit, if I hadn't won that laptop and sold it for £300 I probably wouldn't have got a Vita so I am not quite so quick to anger at people who decide for whatever reason it's still too expensive. I have to admit though, I've enjoyed every minute of owning it. From Uncharted to Gravity Rush I've found it to be an immensely enjoyable gaming device and this is coming from someone who never particularly warmed to hand-helds in the past! I had a second hand PSP and could never truly get into it, but for some reason buying Patapon 3, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and a few minis to boot has really kept me happily playing the device while I wait for new titles I'm interested in to arrive. I picked up AC: Liberation on release and I expect the next full-price title I get will either be Virtue's Last Reward or Persona 4 Golden. So yeah, I understand both sides of the argument... it is frustrating as a Vita owner to keep seeing people claim the Vita has failed, but I can also understand why people say it has - it's pricing, pricing and more pricing. Until this thing goes sub-£150 I don't think we'll hear the end of it, sadly.
sazzrah 2 years ago
great piece Joe the Vita is the best handheld I have owned by a mile. EG seem to enjoy putting the boot in a lot bugs me.
Skiba 2 years ago
I don't hate the Vita, but am very 'meh' about it. I don't want portable versions of good console games - where are the unique games (that I can't get on a console or my phone) that would tempt someone like myself?
shiny miller 2 years ago
I like the look of the Vita but it's too expensive you can get an Xbox 360 or PS3 for cheaper maybe there will be some Xmas bundled deals that will make it more appealing.
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