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Medal of Honor: Zero Dark Flyover trailer

EA's released a new trailer for the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which is available at no extra cost to those who picked up the Limited or Deluxe Editions. 

The map is inspired by some of the world's most dangerous places: Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound. Darra is home to dozens of back-alley shops and self-taught machinists making guns by hand. Chitral is highly inaccessible and was thought to be one of Bin Laden's hideouts.

If you didn't get hold of the Limited Edition, then you can still pick the map pack up, although it'll set you back 800 MS points.

Check out the trailer below.

Edited On 06 Nov, 2012

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adwan's avatar
adwan 4 years ago
The games been out a week and already we have a map pack. This was clearly developed at the same time as the game then held back as a "pre-order" incentive to try and boost sales. I find this tactic by developers (see publishers) annoying as those maps should have been in the original game, and anyone who didn't pre-order and can't get the limited edition has to fork out extra for to be on the same playing field as those who did pre-order.
COP3Y DUNT's avatar
This was exactly the same feeling I had when EA released DLC for Mass Effect 3 on the same day it came out. It's not fair that we pay 40 quid for a game and then have to pay extra for something that should be on the disk already.
COP3Y DUNT 4 years ago
adwan's avatar
Exactly, but because it's released so soon people are caught up in the hype of a new game that they go ahead and buy it without really thinking.
adwan 4 years ago
rick75fowler's avatar
rick75fowler 4 years ago
kind of the normal thing these days,but i will buy the dlc as i like mohwf think its has a lot going for it,i totally disagree with all the bad remakes it got when it came out,to me its playing and running smoothly
Anonymous user's avatar
Tyrone 4 years ago
This game looks brilliant! Really hope somewhere has a great deal for it nearer to Christmas feel like buying it! Anyone want to tell me what its like?

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