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Minecraft PC sales explode over 8 million

Just...one...more...block! PCGamesN is reporting that the hugely popular indie game, Minecraft has sold more than 8 million copies so far on the PC.?

Mojang is yet to release official figures relating to the 8 million in sales, but that's a lot of blocks, creepers and pigs smashed since it's alpha release in 2009.?

Minecraft has since launched on the Xbox 360 and quickly overtaken everything in it's path to become the best selling XBLA game on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
Do you still play Minecraft regularly? Let us know below!?

Edited On 12 Nov, 2012

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0000000000's avatar
0000000000 4 years ago
very impressive numbers for a game ive only watched my brother play and not actually got it myself.. its on my to do list though cause it is a great purchase!
AvatarIII's avatar
same, I was kind of hoping that the PS3 would get MineCraft, but I might just have to get the PC version and hope my laptop runs it.
AvatarIII 4 years ago
SuperJag86's avatar
SuperJag86 4 years ago
I could never get into Minecraft. but his next game sounds way more interesting. You're in a spacecraft with a working computer for which you can write any program for.
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
When I first saw this game on PC, I was indifferent to its style; had no clue what all the hype and fuss was all about. Then my partner purchased it! Little did the strange blocky world would captivate me! Forgoing the confusion of learning the PC version, I quickly downloaded the Xbox version and have become a big fan. Night-time on normal Survival mode is one of the most intense edge-of-your-seat experiences you can have - in any game! Try wandering around in the dark, without a torch!
Anonymous user's avatar
Tyrone 4 years ago
Wow..... Would've NEVER of thought of those numbers at all! For a game I've never played but been pestered to try it, I think I might give it a go! Anyone think its worth it now for me?
creed95's avatar
creed95 4 years ago
quite impressive for a game that is all about destroying and building blocks. i may be tempted to buy into the craze but i dont think my bank will agree with me at the moment
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
only played the Iphone version of it and kinda thought it was ok. It was fun at first but quickly grew bored of it.
AvatarIII's avatar
from what I understand, the PC/Xbox version is a lot bigger and better than the iphone/android version.
AvatarIII 4 years ago
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Really enjoyed it when i first got it but it is getting a little bit stale now. The recent update sorted that problem for a little while but starting to get a little bit bored again. Can't argue how well the game has does though.
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Wizowes's avatar
Wizowes 4 years ago
I can't believe that minecraft overtook cod in Xbox live activity. Great accomplishment
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
What puts many new (or curious) people off when see it for the first time, they ask you, "What do you have to do?" I usually say something like, "Uh? In survival mode, you have to..survive!" A game with no goals as such is a tough concept for some people to grasp. Being able to make it whatever you want it to be - now the Xbox also has Creative Mode - it can be a game for virtually anyone.
My wee boy plays the demo of this and he's addicted to it i'll need to unlock the full game for him when I top up my Microsoft points on the Xbox.

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