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Urban Trials renames to Urban Trials Freestyle, also coming to PS3

Not too much is known about Urban Trials, which was first revealed at gamescom 2011 for PS Vita, but today some movement has been seen on the game's Facebook page, showing the new name of Urban Trials Freestyle.

Looking at the games website shows a game not disimilar to Trials HD / Evolution on the Xbox 360, although it's hard to draw any further comparisons since there is very little information to show how the game actually runs.

Interestingly PS3 also seems to have been added to the list of formats supported by the game, suggesting that this may very well be a cross-buy / cross-play title.

Both titles are set to release via PSN.

We'll try and find out more, but given that the name changed only seems to be a recent thing, perhaps we'll be hearing more on this game sooner rather than later.

Edited On 19 Nov, 2012

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mrmascal4's avatar
mrmascal4 4 years ago
Is it a Trials HD wannabe?
Skiba's avatar
Skiba 4 years ago
crossbuy & PS+ the best things to come out of this Gen. will be on my radar now like motorbike games.
hazzatori's avatar
hazzatori 4 years ago
This Game needs to play like trials or it wont work, a bit too floaty or a bit over difficult and it just wont work, trials is just so perfect, taht anything else needs to be the same!
adwan's avatar
adwan 4 years ago
This could well be a very good game on the Vita/PS3 and it's likely after the success of Trials HD/Evolution on XBLA that they will probably copy it's formula for gameplay. Hopefully it does come with cross-buy, adding PS3 suggests that they probably will include it.
rjc's avatar
Similar to Joe Danger. Will probably give this a go.
rjc 4 years ago

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