Far Cry 3 reviews looking good

Reviews for Far Cry 3 went live yesterday and scores show far suggest that this could just about be one of the best games of the year.

Nearly every site out there scored the game over 90 percent, suggesting that this is one that you don't want to miss.

Here's a selection of just some of the scores so far.

Far Cry 3 Review Scores

- Loaded - 5/5
- Eurogamer -10/10
- CVG - 9.4/10
- PSM3 - 9.4/10
- XBW360 - 9.4/10
- Gamesmaster - 91 percent
- OPM - 9/10
- IGN - 9/10

We'll have our review for you next week, however we'd suggest by looking at the scores above that this game could be a huge hit.

You can order Far Cry 3 from ShopTo using the links below.

Edited On 22 Nov, 2012

This game looks so good. Shame I wont be anywhere near a or PC console come release. Any site doing online streaming?
HappyNoodleBoy 1 year ago
FarCry 2 bored me half to death, but this looks fantastic and the universal praise it's recieving is great news! This was kind of on my radar amongst other releases, but this well almost certainly be my next purchase. Having £15 credit and ShopTo stocking at the phenomenal price of £24 helps i might add =P
Welshy 1 year ago
Shame it's coming out on the run up to Christmas as all my money seems to be being spent on other peoples presents. Maybe Father Christmas might bring this me as my present. If not, I'll pick it up in the January sales! It truely is sounding like an amazing game and it's hard to ignore positive reviews across the board!
adwan 1 year ago
i like the look of this one hopefully it has some zombies in it
Kelly-Marie 1 year ago
Now, I like zombies as much as the next zombie fan, but does every damn game have to have a zombie mode, or zombie DLC?? I for one hope it doesn't ever get zombies added to it!
adwan 1 year ago
every time I read or watch something on this It makes me really want it! damn being on the box!
Shep _1 1 year ago
kwok007's avatar
Just been watching this on YouTube and does look very good, hopefully will be able o get it after xmas
kwok007 1 year ago
Wow, 10/10 from Eurogamer! That and the other higher scores - suddenly I am interested in this. Would it matter that I haven't played the first two games?
shiny miller 1 year ago
Anonymous user's avatar
No it doesn't matter. This is completely separate story and neither does the two earlier games have anything in common with the story. But i recommend you buy the older ones someday since they are really good games in my opinion.
Matti 1 year ago
How do you manage to run out of preorders weeks in advance..
vanneruk 1 year ago
How do you manage to run out of preorders weeks in advance..
vanneruk 1 year ago
Can't wait for this. It's gonna stay in my pile of shame until I've got the time to just play it, with no other games to distract me. This looks like everything Far Cry 2 promised but failed to deliver!
troublemaker 1 year ago
Not long to go now, it's going to be a tough choice what to play first next week, this or something on my new Wii U.
Gloria 1 year ago
At least the recent advertising campaign dares to show some actual gameplay - albeit about 2/3 seconds of shooting - why are they so afraid to be truthful about the core gameplay - most people buying it will have a very good idea what they'll be doing 90% of the time!
Barada 1 year ago
you going to be gettin in any more of the insane edition in? i wanna be getting this on shopto so can u let me know please
LFC Bywater 1 year ago
i borrowed the second one the other day. it is large and very good. didnt know where i was going but if this is better it will be good
Kelly-Marie 1 year ago
7 days to go. I'm so happy the reviews have been positive. I was beginning to have concerns about the quality of the game. Cannot wait to play this now.
Scatigno 1 year ago
Now the insane edition has been removed from the site altogether? Whats happening with it?
LFC Bywater 1 year ago
I really need to look into this game. I didn't bother to read about it for some reason but these reviews have made me reconsider.
rjc 1 year ago
Ads play on this 'bad guy' a lot; he's just going to be yet another stereo-typical loon with a gun - video games never have enough of these, do they? ;)
Barada 1 year ago
Farcry 2 was a brilliant sandbox game that went the oppposite way from the COD method of channeling you down a corridor and telling you were to go. Loved it so much that when they announced the Insane Edition I pre-ordered it the day is was announced. Not surprised they ran out as this game will absolutely rock, letting the gamer decide where they want to go, and not some generic FPS programmer saying "YOU WILL GO THROUGHT THAT DOOR" Deserves to be the game of the year just for the freedom alone.
denzil cootlar 1 year ago
Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game; literally has no goals except survival! ;)
Barada 1 year ago
the game was top preorder shopto seemed to have moved them out? so it looks like the wiiu is the top preorder when that is not the case.
Skiba 1 year ago
i have found a few bugs on farcry 2 now but still it isnt bad. not as bad as skyrim which is very bugy
Kelly-Marie 1 year ago
I am incredibly excited for this. I cant wait to get my hands on it, looks stunning. Looks like it might capture the emergent nature of the first game without the brokenness of the second.
hallben 1 year ago
Some cracking reviews for this and top scores should be an epic game one which I hope to win as the gaming funds are well and truly empty too close to Xmas lol.
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