Assassin's Creed III: Liberations patch incoming

Ubisoft is to release a patch for Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation which will address the save game corruption issue which some users are experiencing. According to Joystiq the patch is almost ready for certification, although the publisher will released further details when the release date is known.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberations was released in late October.

Edited On 23 Nov, 2012

Great news. Will hopefully be out in time for when I get the game for my Vita.
rjc 1 year ago
Thank god for that. I have been putting off buying this due to these issues. Hopefully, once we get a few user reports to say it's great, I'll pick it straight up
troublemaker 1 year ago
Same here. I'm more and more put off buying games on release now as they all seem to have some sort of bugs that need sorting.
adwan 1 year ago
The bane of modern gaming - hoping your game saves don't mess-up one day. Is anything safe these days?
Barada 1 year ago
Thank god! I have been avoiding playing the game recently until this patch was released. Really enjoying the game though. It's a great Vita title.
Scatigno 1 year ago
Good to see this is getting support but i personally have not had any problems with it. Most only affect a few people.
IAIN 1 year ago
this is poor for a brand new game the vita has lots of problems doesnt it with the firmware now this
Kelly-Marie 1 year ago
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