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Resident Evil: Revelations to be released on HD consoles

Capcom is to port 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, according to a new Korean ratings board listing.

Revelations originally launched for 3DS in January and with the next Resident Evil game likely to be a long way away, Capcom is obviously taking the decision to release it's popular handheld game on HD consoles instead.

Expect Capcom to make a formal announcement on this soon.

Edited On 23 Nov, 2012

any news on a resident evil on the 360 is good news to me :D love it
0000000000 2 years ago
I second that! I played revelations on the 3ds last year and really enjoyed it but the atmosphere will be far better if played on a big tv with surround sound! well done capcom! :)
IAIN 2 years ago
Not a bad idea.
rjc 2 years ago
got my nice 51 inch tv on the wall now and my surround sound has been stuck in the loft by the wife :( but that will soon be changed lol.. looking forward to this if it happens!
0000000000 2 years ago
51-inch TV? Where do you watch that, from the end of the garden! ;)
Barada 2 years ago
I could watch it from the garden in all fairness lol.. but the sofa is just as good :D
0000000000 2 years ago
Its one of the better Resi games the past few years. SO what does the 3DS get back as an exclusive?
Robichoico 2 years ago
the 3ds will get another mario cookie cutter game or another n64 port :)
jordan 2 years ago
Was bound to happen sooner or later, good news for non 3DS owners though, it's a great game that deserves a wider audience.
Gloria 2 years ago
They can do whatever they want, no Resident Evil game can beat Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube version). One of the few games I was willing to replay from start-to-finish. Even began a 3rd adventure some time ago; to reminisce that feeling of playing a true 10/10 game.
Barada 2 years ago
True, but I feel Revelations comes closer to 4 than any other they've made so far.
Gloria 2 years ago
is revelations more like number 4,5 and 6 if so doh. if like 1 2 and 3 though happy days. why dont they release 4 and cove veronika on disc whilst they are at it with it. i dont like digital downloads as much as well these are big files.
Kelly-Marie 2 years ago
It's set somewhere between 4 and 5, and the gameplay is somewhere between those too. I would never have bought it if it had been one of those horrible clunky fixed camera ones ;)
Gloria 2 years ago
they werent like my old zombies everyone must know by now i like my zombies
Kelly-Marie 2 years ago
Let's hope that if this news is true then Capcom make it a good port and not like the shoddy work they did on Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X when they brought them to the XBLA and PSN.
Scatigno 2 years ago
I thought the 360 version of RE4 was fine, a flawless port as far as I could see.
Gloria 2 years ago
It was basically the PC version of the game. It was pretty much just upscaled to HD, and not a true HD port. I'm not saying it looked bad, but it didn't look great, it was just a quick cash-in. The game it's self is amazing, of course but as a port it was weak.
Scatigno 2 years ago
I've got Resident Evil 5 (PS3); in comparison to 4, I've hardly played it as much. Not sure why? I've never bought or played every Resi game, though. They usually have to be a standalone decent product before I part with the cash - the Resi name is almost irrelevant when buying the game.
Barada 2 years ago
that is a shame i really do like the older ones better loved being chased by nemi in the clocktower on number 3 and who can forget number 2s police station gaming greats the first when the zombie turns its head was also good want zero and remake on ps3 now
Kelly-Marie 2 years ago
Heard some great things about this one so it's welcome. Still wanting my resident evil 2/3 Remakes!!
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
yes please to that
Kelly-Marie 2 years ago
Had this game on my 3DS and loved it. More then happy to buy it again on the Xbox 360 :D
Kizzy 2 years ago
The first 2 Resident Evils were the best but I love any Resi game that comes out even if these day's it's taken a different angle,still love blasting up some zombies so would look forward to this.
YES! - the best news ever for this franchise! I found this one of the most exciting Resi games of late. I loved it! And I think it only being on the 3DS kinda shot themselves in the foot. Cannot wait :D
Greigyboii 2 years ago
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