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Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D Review

With most games focusing on the warfare side of being a hero with all the blood, guts and head shots galore that come with it, it is a refreshing change when we get the chance to play in a slightly different role, like with Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D, where we get to join the men and women of the firefighting services, saving people and property from the destructive power of fire.

Dealing with these blazes is not just about running around with a fire hose as the initial training session will show you, setting you up as the new recruit constantly referred to as Probie and entering a four story building, using the many tools available from a portable fire extinguisher, axe and a fire hose with a selection of spray types. These training modes are essential, not only teaching you how to use each of the items but also the different types of fire you will come across and also how to act in a smoke filled room and though quite thorough, it does not get you ready enough for the real thing, starting with a chemical plant explosion that has trapped many workers and causing great fire damage to the many buildings in the area.

Setting the scene with you and your firefighting team travelling in the cab of the firetruck you are quickly thrust into a world of fire and collapsing buildings. Gameplay is akin to the classic first person shooter, the control stick dealing with movement and the stylus and touch screen your view, allowing for natural strafing and pin point accuracy of your equipment. The touch screen also hosts your inventory, which depending on the situation and if you have collected from the level yet you can bring up your tools with a quick tap; with the axe and halligan (crowbar) bar appearing depending on if you need to break down crates, doors and smash glass for ventilation or use the halligan for leverage on the heavier obstacles. Both the fire extinguisher and hose will be your main tools, holding down the stylus on screen to start firing a jet of fire repellent, with the extinguisher ideal for small fires and electrical equipment and the hose with two settings, stream and fog great for the more out of control blazes. On some of the larger blazes you also get to have a go on a cherry picker, gaining a height advantage on the flames and controlling it from the outside.

The main action also plays out similar to a FPS, you have your initial orders and then lots of side missions that pop up along the way, sometimes turning off power or gas mains, others involve trying to locate and save civilians or even team mates. Most of these are able to escape of their own volition however sometimes they are overcome by the fumes or severely injured, requiring you to give them a fireman's carry to safety. To locate the stranded you need to shout for attention and if anyone is in the vicinity they will reply, bringing up an arrow that also shows their current health. Most of the victims are stuck behind a fire however at times you may need to break out the big guns, be it the hydraulic spreaders to rip apart metal or a rotary saw to create new doors in a wall to gain access.

With each mission, what starts as a manageable fire often quickly turns into a nightmare, requiring quick thinking to ensure not only the survival of the victims but your colleges and your own, with explosions rippling though buildings, causing electrics to spark and ceilings to collapse, the game does a decent enough job of telling you what to do next, either via a mission log or to listening to colleagues instructions. That said there is also an arrow at the top of the screen that can at times be a complete hindrance, literally pointing in the direction of the next mission area but not taking into account multi levelled buildings, leaving you to figure out how to get there on your own and when the smoke and fire starts to spread it makes it very hard indeed, resulting in quite a few deaths. This is not helped by the extremely stupid AI, with you extinguishing every last flame directly in front of a victim before they move, often not even considering moving around the fire, making this quite a difficult game to play though that requires a lot of trial and error during the initial play through.

Away from the main missions you also have a Fire Station, your home away from home, allowing you to visit the Rec Room to view collectables, load up new equipment and replay old levels in the Garage and even visit the Captain Office to view other collectables littered around the levels that give an indication to the original cause of the fires.

Even though it is not the prettiest game around, looking like an old Nintendo 64 game but with some 3D effects that tend to strain the eye, Real Heroes Firefighter 3D is a fun game with a good safety message throughout and once you overcome the difficulty it is a refreshing change to the constant shooting other games offer.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: 3DS)


- A refreshing change for a first person game, no guns.
- Lots of different scenarios to deal with.


- Very dated graphics.
- Not always clear how to progress.
- High difficulty.

Edited On 23 Nov, 2012

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AvatarIII's avatar
AvatarIII 4 years ago
That writing looks like it would be really hard to read on a 3DS screen
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
i dont think thats a bad concept needs to be on big screens though and maybe bundled in with other games as well
rjc's avatar
Had never even heard of this before. Might get it when it's cheaper.
rjc 4 years ago
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
A water hose instead of some overpowered weapon-of-ultimate-bloody death - brave move. We need games that offer more than FPS 'Psychotic in training'-type games out there.
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
i would do but only have ps3 might do if I get 3ds tho

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