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Max Payne 3 to get new multiplayer maps

Max Payne 3 is getting four new multiplayer maps, which are due on to be released on December 4 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The maps consist of the Roscoe Street Subway map, Marty's Bar, Shoot First and Gang Wars. Other additions include IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, new avatars, and a new feature called Hangover Burst.

The new maps will cost 800 Microsoft Points, while season pass holders will receive it at no additional charge.

Edited On 27 Nov, 2012

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Another game I've liked the look of but not enough funds to buy them all lol,On a sidenote what are people's thought's on DLC for games?I used to think it was a con getting more money out us gamers and why could these not have been added to the game in the first place but I now see it as a good thing and it gives games some longevity that if it weren't for some DLC would be gathering dust lost in your collection,thought's?
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
The multiplayer on Max Payne 3 was a waste of time, another game forced to have multuplkayer that didn't need it. I'd much rather they make some single player DLC for it, I might have kept hold of it if they were.
Solidus 5nake's avatar
Solidus 5nake 4 years ago
Cant get enough of Max Payne 3, though I wish they'd do some DLC for the single player campaign for a change.
yoda soldier's avatar
yoda soldier 4 years ago
I didn't enjoy any of this game i found it hard to bring myself to complete it.
The Auracle's avatar
The Auracle 4 years ago
I still need to play this game. Been dying to play it but I need to finish the ones I'm behind on. So as a matter of principle, I can't keep adding to the pile just yet. Still, I'm on the verge of saying 'screw it' and ordering it anyway. :D
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
I really enjoyed the single player on this game but wasn't really fussed with the online. was thinking last night though that i will probably buy this again pretty soon as i probably would go through the single player campaign again. The online is average but i reckon i could give it another go, anyone know if alot of people still play it?
Greigyboii's avatar
Greigyboii 4 years ago
Oops, completely forgot about this game! it got lost in amongst coursework and big release titles. Might go back and have another stab at it soon though - was pretty good, if not difficult at parts :P
dazzadavie's avatar
dazzadavie 4 years ago
I enjoyed to online side of MP3 but it was defiantly short and sweet.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
A great game with a poor MP base sadly. People really didnt get into it the way I hoped they would. Too little to late when it comes to this support though.
Noticed the priced dropped quick on this although I dont if that means its a bad game as Sleeping Dogs is 20 notes too I notice maybe it' just alot of good games comin out too close in a dog eat dog gaming enviroment which is good for us gamers and what we save can do towards the DLC,I'll pick this up at somepoint in the near future.
LFC Bywater's avatar
This and Sleeping dogs are both great games. The lower the price is the better because it means more people will buy it.
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Adam 4 years ago
I enjoyed the singleplayer, although the online sadly felt a little bit lacking. Rockstar knows how to make superb games but the playbase wasn't really there and the modes didn't feel very special. Having said that I might pick up these new maps at some point - if I'm not busy playing anything else.

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