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Far Cry 3 Review

I hope you all didn't blow all your Christmas cash on Black Ops 2 and a WiiU as Far Cry 3 is released at the tail end of the Christmas release period and a late comer to a possible game of the year. I am just as surprised by that statement as many of you are, not being impressed with Far Cry 2 and the E3 videos not really gaining attention; Far Cry 3 does nothing but grab you by the hair and starts screaming in your face right from the start.

Kicking off with one of the best introductions to game a game I have seen in a long time, a group of 20 something's are having a great time on a paradise vacation, partying, jet skiing and parachuting, but all is not what it seems, with a sudden change of pace showing that your character Jason and older brother have been captured by local pirates looking for a ransom. It is here that we are introduced to one of the meanest and evilest baddies to grace a console, Vaas; put it this way, he is the sort of guy you go all out to avoid in a pub. The fear then really ramps up leading to a daring but ultimately fatal escape resulting in Jason being saved from certain death by some of the more friendly locals, the Rakyat who are in a civil war against the pirates. With barley any time to recover Jason quickly begins the dangerous task of trying to locate his friends and also younger brother, avoiding not only the pirates but an island full of other perils and dangers. Before you leave though the leader of the local townsfolk points out that you have been recognised by the locals as a good omen in their fight against the pirates and that you are also able to infuse powers via mystical tribal tattoos which act as your ranking up system. By carrying out missions and kills you earn experience that gradually ranks you up, allowing you to select from three local animal powers, the Heron which boosts areas like crafting and hunting, the Spider that boosts stealth and survival and the Shark that adds extra assault and healing abilities. Each has their own specific path, offering a wide variety of enhancing powers and extra moves, with each one appearing as part of a sleeve tattoo on your arm.

With these explanations done with, you are ready to go out and explore Rook Island, which itself is just one huge playground with coves, caves and cliff jumping available at almost every turn; at times you can forget the harrowing events that got you here and just soak in the atmosphere, listening out for strange animal noises, spotting camp fires far off in the distance, viewing the grand vista of jungles and mountain tops, realising that every step could be a potential adventure. With such a large map you would think getting lost would be easy but thankfully most of the important areas are already highlighted on the map, showing waypoints for the main story but also radio towers which once tampered with are able to show even more of the terrain Rook Island has on offer. There are plenty of other missions to take part as you progress through the main story mission, with safe havens to find that then unlock fast travel unless you prefer the more standard means of travel, by foot, car, boat and even hang glider. Radio towers not only open up more of the map for you but also allow free trade between shops, unlocking even more weapons or you to use, notice boards are scattered around asking for help, like taking out dangerous animals or pirates, open Rakyat Challenges where you put your skills to the test and try for your place on a leaderboards to races and even a few randomly appearing quests.

Considering Jason starts off with nothing more than a knife, a camera for spotting threats and a pistol given gratis, it's paramount that before he takes on the huge army of pirates out there he needs to prepare and alongside the already mentioned experience points there is also crafting. The addition of crafting items in a first person shooter is a risky move but it works so well that I wish it was commonplace. It's a very simple exercise, with plans unlocking as and when you need them and no real effort other than collecting the required items. Most of these are from different coloured plants located on the map, making healing potions and such but you can also create additional wallets to carry more cash, grenade holders and larger rucksacks and this is where the hunter in you takes control.

Hunting is hard but extremely satisfying and exhilarating, allowing you to practice stealth on the smaller animals like boars and goats before moving onto the more rewarding bears and tigers. Jason is able to move fluidly through the terrain, be it rocks, trees or thick grass; most obstacles are easily vaulted or hidden behind for cover with ease, making stalking even more fun. These hunting escapades also offer so many unscripted classic moments, like taking great pleasure early on when a group of goats came charging out of woods and into my sights. I couldn't believe my luck, shooting and slashing away to collect their skins until I realised a little too late they were running from, with a pack of Komodo lizards promptly chowing down on my foot. Another moment came when investigating a campfire spotted in the distance, coming across some poachers with a trapped tiger, roaring and spitting against its flimsy wooden prison. Taking out the two poachers was easy, patiently watching their patterns until they both relaxed by a fire and then I stalked in from the sea, using quick executions to drop them. Trying to be an honourable hunter, rather than shooting the beast for its skin in the cage I went for an alternative route, setting the tiger free. Of course how are they to know between predator and saviour, instantly mauling my arm, then with some button mashing pushing it away for a brief second, shots from my silenced pistol only angering him more. From the relative safety of the water (ignoring the map marker for sharks) I watched the tiger slowly stalk around its former prison. At this point honour was all but gone, so a swift grenade to kitties feet and second later, boom! I guiltily collected its pelt, licked my wounds and hope nobody else saw what transpired over those few moments.

These hunting skills can then later be used to full effect against the pirates, though they react in a more predictable way like jumping for cover they do have an advantage over animals, guns, and lots of them. Thankfully aside from a trusty knife there are plenty of other weapons to either steal from fallen enemies or purchase from the many shops with handguns, bows, sniper rifles, shotguns and RPGs, most of which offer some form of customisation from sights to silencers.

There is do much to do on Rook Island that you may well forget there are other games modes aside from the main campaign to try out. First up the local and online co-op mode, now this is something that really surprised me, offering a style of gameplay more akin to Left 4 Dead with the story taking place six months before Jason's harrowing adventures. You can play as one of four crew members of a ship that the captain has sold out to the pirates, leaving you to not only fight for your lives but catch up with the captain to wreak your revenge and also help yourself to the huge stash of cash he ran off with. There are a few missions to play through, each one broken down into smaller parts, most of them involve killing pirates but each one tries something a little different, clearing out a small village, protecting an engine from incoming assault to a short trip on a river barge, taking out pirates on the shoreline.

You then have the more standard multiplayer fare with modes like Deathmatch and Domination being ever popular across a decent selection of maps, with you gradually earning experience and ranking up for more weapons and also plenty of powers that can be customised for personal load outs. But even that's not enough as the final fabulous inclusion is a map editor, allowing you to create maps with an easy to use editor and then uploading them for the world to play and rate.

Far Cry 3 is a true sandbox game, allowing you to wander freely around the huge Rook Island, hunting, racing and saving your friends and family. The openness of the level design allows for so many different approaches to the end result, be it stealth or all-out assault, there is plenty here for any fan of the first person genre.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS3)


- Total freedom to do what you want
- Thrilling main campaign
- Hunting animals and pirates
- Solo campaign, separate co-op campaign and huge multiplayer modes
- Map editor for multiplayer


- The screen can at times feel cluttered

Edited On 30 Nov, 2012

( 35 )
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
I agree with you, this game is great! Vaas is easily one of the best if not the best bad guys i've ever seen in a game and the Voice acting in this game is top notch! Had a moment earlier when i was radomly picking herbs and got attacked by a random boar, almost crapped myself. Love this game, if you haven't ordered yet then do it ASAP. Haven't tried the online yet but will probs give that a go when some more of my friends get the game.
THE TROOPER! 3 years ago
This is an experience that should be tried by all (whatever platform) The best thing of all for me is the constant grinning whilst playing and it totally reminds me of the HALF LIFE games lot's of captivating NPC's and plenty of freedom to do as you see fit :) Buy it you won't regret.
Solidus 5nake 3 years ago
This game looks epic, just wish I could get my hands on a copy. I'll have to patiently wait for the xmas sales me thinks.
Looks and sounds brilliant but I've spent all my gaming funds for this year :( Hopefully pick it up in Jan sales.
hallben 3 years ago
Fantastic review and an awesome sounding game. Fingers crossed for the comp this week!
Gloria 3 years ago
Got my copy today, despite getting an email yesterday saying it would be delayed, still not opened it though, too busy with my Wii U, maybe I'll open it over the weekend, maybe.
It is worth having a crack at. it's a great game. I guess you do have a justifiable reason not too though :P
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
I'll get round to it sooner rather than later, it's been my most anticipated 360 game of the year.
Gloria 3 years ago
tomas 3 years ago
Wasnt able to get this game this week, had too many christmas presents to get. It looks like i am missing out on a great game tho, graphics look really impressive and the gameplay videos that i have seen are nothing short of breathtaking. I've heard that there are Assasassins creed and Red dead redemption similaritys to the game, can anyone who owns me tell me if this is true?
Yeh i can kinda see the resemblances with RDR, being with the hunting/skinning animals, and it is similar to assassins creed in the way that radio towers that u have to climb uncover large parts of the surrounding areas. There is also a slight stealth aspect to the game. The game is made by Ubisoft montreal aswell who also made the Assassins creed games if i'm not wrong? Anyways plays great so pick it up when u can mate.
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
0000000000 3 years ago
wasn't able to get this 1 on release because im on the box at work :( hoping the wife gets it me for xmas at least because it looks to good to NOT have!!
neomorph 3 years ago
Royal mail lost my copy it seems... Was posted on the 27th from ShopTo via signed for and vanished. Going to have to buy another copy because I don't want to wait another two weeks as there is no way I will be able to get an Insane Edition now.
This has happened to me before mate, some asshole had my copy of Dead Space 2 I ordered from Play a couple of years ago as it was a collector edition and they even had the nerve to place the selaphane in the envelope and send it on. My Dads mobile also went walkies with that being replaced with a pump type thing. Grrrr! It seems some people at Royal Mail have sticky fingers. Touch wood hasn't happened for a while.
Beazi 3 years ago
Dovey's avatar
Dovey 3 years ago
Halo, Call Of Duty, Assassins Creed, Skyrim, GTA, Fifa. now added to the list is Far Cry 3. From what ive seen this game to me has blown all the others out the water, amazing game, one of the greats. a big step in graphical features as well. I could go on forever but honestly i cant wait to game the game and then find myself crouching through a bush hunting a tiger only to then get ambushed by military which then leads to a stealth kill of a tiger whilst brutally murdering all enemies around you.from what ive seen it is 99/100. WOW!
Barada 3 years ago
I don't ever fancy killing animals in game; I feel humans kill too many innocent creatures in reality, why endorse it in video games? Animals just randomly attacking people in this seems daft, and unnecessary - and why include actual hunting as a way of gaining bonuses - I thought your character was just on a holiday from hell?
Get a grip of yourself, it's a game and of course if your walking through a jungle and came across a tiger it would make an easy meal out of you. How some people can write such silly comments is beyond me. "i wont kill an animal in a game but i will blow some ones brains out with a sniper". This has to be the daftest comment i have ever read.
-Shockle- 3 years ago
I have to admit i lol'ed. People kill other people far too much in real life too should we stop endorsing that in games. If developers had the same thought cycle then i wouldn't bother playing games, because they would be so incredibly boring.
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
Jumping on a Koopa's head is fine though, right?
Gloria 3 years ago
Yeh its fine Gloria, Koopa's have a shell and are violent creatures so they atleast have a chance to defend themselves :P
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
I've complained to the RSPCA about Mario on numerous occasions but still he carries on - don't think they take me serious about him? Do you? Woohoo! ;)
Barada 3 years ago
-Shockle- 3 years ago
If you do one thing this month make sure you get this game, it's easily the best game of the year, i played it for 10 hours straight yesterday and was shocked to find it was 1am as the time flew by so fast. Amazing game 10/10 love everything about it.
Lol it was 3am for me last night, what a game only thing i seem to be finding a bit odd is i shot a tiger from distance with my nice shiny PVD sniper rifle it took 5 bullets and then it was one of the rakyat friendlies that finished him off? Some seriously rock hard animals in this game. The hunting side of the game is incredible when you are running after them to collect more skins :)
THE TROOPER! 3 years ago
Greigyboii 3 years ago
I haven't been completely sold on this yet as I didn't enjoy FC2. I have it on the xmas list though! :D
viggy 3 years ago
I got surprise attacked by a crocodile in some shallow water. Needless to say I don't hesitate to kill any animal that even looks at me now, including deers. You just never know.
Specially those tortoise, dunno what they have hid up their sleeve....
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
Barada 3 years ago
No need to take offence to one point of view; like I denounced your Gods or something! ;) It stirred the comments section at the very least - job done!
HappyNoodleBoy 3 years ago
Why isn't multiplayer under cons? There's no denying how halfarsed it is. It's useless
I thought the co-op mode was OK, haven't tried the multiplayer yet. To be honest though i only bought this game for the single player, and that has not disappointed me one bit! Sure there may be some glitches but what game hasn't?
LFC Bywater 3 years ago
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
Heard the console versions of this are a bit of a mess technically, so I might wait until I can play it on PC.
Anonymous user's avatar
I heard the PC had a day-one patch but PS3 and 360 did not. I don't know the details but from the sound of it the console versions are working fine. Only downside is the limits placed on the map editor in the console games.
Adam 3 years ago
Beazi 3 years ago
I hope not. Skyrim is an amazing game but too far in it all goes a bit wrong. I would still like to play this can't be as messed up as Dead Island was originally
Skyrim had the advantage of not having to worry about incorporating multiplayer features though.
PrometheusFan 3 years ago
Beazi 3 years ago
Very true Skyrim was incomplete though and us PS3 players have been very much left out :(
Anonymous user's avatar
Adam 3 years ago
Sounds awesome! Would absolutely love to get my hands on this. Although I've not played the original Far Cry, I did actually enjoy FC2 despite its numerous failings. This one sounds really great and after reading reviews across the web and seeing videos of it on YouTube I just want to play it so badly.
rick75fowler 3 years ago
this is got to be my best game this year its a massive open world game with plenty to do and achieve,i have spent a total of 8 hrs in this game so far and only done 4 missions and prob two outpost's,i tend to get side tracked on route to the next mission that 2hrs have passed without doing anything else but go hunting and finding items.i hope they will bring out dlc i heard that there is a co-op dlc for ps3 only which to me seems a bit unfair to others on other consoles,i hope this will not be the case and i hope they can do a sp dlc as i dont have anyone to play co-op with

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