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Rabbids Land Review

Party games, you either love them or hate them. A great party game can keep friends and family entertained for months. A poor party game will be played once and then confined to a shelf until one day making its way into the bin. Rabbids Land is the latest party game from Ubisoft and unfortunately it may very well fall into the latter category, it's uninspired and fails to leave any lasting impression whatsoever, which means it won't be the game me and my family will be playing this Xmas, even if my son finds the dancing Rabbid on the loading screens hilarious.

To give a bit of background, Rabbids Land is a party game set in an amusement park. It supports up to four players, although in most cases only two can play at the same time. Another annoyance is that you'll need just about every bit of equipment going to get the best out of it. This means you'll want to have a GamePad, WiiMote and Nunchuck. Which is quite expensive for a Wii U owner who perhaps doesn't have a Wii lying around the house.

Once you have the equipment you need, you'll get started. Players passing around the Gamepad, taking turns to roll a dice and make their way around a board, landing on various squares which provide access to mini-games. The main aim is to acquire 10 trophies and make your way back to the centre of the board. Depending on the square you land on you may lose trophies, win them or be whisked off to play one of the various two player mini-games, which are no doubt the highlight of this title.

Mini games include the likes of Star Cheap Discovery, in which you shake the Nunchuk and Remote in time to the cues at each side of your space cruiser. If you are successful flames will appear at the back of the cruiser, which the other player must then avoid. Other mini games see you strapping Rabbids into carnival rides; flipping food; running away from Indiana jones-style boulders and more. There are certainly quite a few gems in here, however most of the mini-games are forgettable at best.

In order to counter the one-on-one nature of the mini-games, Ubisoft allows all four players to take to the screen together by way of Quiz spaces. Here one player answers a pub quiz-style question, while the other players pass around the Wii Remote and bet whether that players answer was correct or not. It's hardly compelling stuff, but at least it stops everyone from sitting around waiting for a turn like they have to in the mini-games and also while players take their turn on the game board.

Away from the main game Ubisoft has included both a FreePlay mode, which obviously explains itself and a Treasure Hunt mode. The latter is probably the biggest waste of time given that it's a single player experience, something which just doesn't seem to suit this style of game at all. First of all you'll need to wait while all three of your AI controlled opponents take their turn, with no option to skip. You can play each of the mini-games using the GamePad but you'll probably have long lost interest before it even gets to your turn.

The main problem with Rabbids Land is that once you've seen everything not much changes. Sure some of the mini-games are fun to play over and over again, however if you don't often have someone around to play with then I'm pretty sure this game will be sitting gathering dust on the shelf and even if you do have someone around, there are plenty more Wii U titles better than this will which take priority.

As briefly mentioned earlier, there is one redeeming point to Rabbids - its personality. My three year old son love the Rabbids; the way the single Rabbid dances about on the load screen has him in hysterics and some of the animations during cutscenes carry on this style of humour. You could never accuse Rabbids Land of taking itself seriously and it never does. It's just a shame that the game doesn't live up to the humour.

Overall, Rabbids Land is a party game best left alone. There are much better launch titles out there which will keep up to four players much more entertained than this will. Maybe the next time the Rabbids come out of their hole it'll be worth our while paying attention to them, not this time though.


- The Rabbids are as amusing as ever


- Lackluster Single Player
- Multiplayer has people waiting around
- Doesn't grab your attention as well as it should

Edited On 04 Dec, 2012

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Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
aka Willem Defoe: The Game. Or at least that's what Jim Sterling and his band are using the Miiverse boards for this game for.
Dead's avatar
Jim Sterling is the man.
Dead 4 years ago
Solidus 5nake's avatar
Solidus 5nake 4 years ago
You can always rely on a Rabbids game making its way onto Nintendo console lol But in all fairness, they tend to alot of fun...in most cases anyway.
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
I never did like those stupid Rabbids, good job Nintendo have the party game genre well covered already with Nintendoland.

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