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Digital Games generated 500 million in 2012

A new report to be published by the Entertainment Retailers Association later this morning will reveal that sales of digital games were up around 8% in 2012, generating around 500 million GBP in sales.

MCV has seen the report, revealing that sales of digital content in the UK amounted to over 1 billion GBP in 2012, with games making up around half this figure.

ERA director general Kim Bayley stated in the report, "This reflects their huge investment in new and innovative services, which means you can buy music, video and games literally at any time of the day and wherever you are.

"At the same time I suspect that many people will be surprised to learn just how resilient the physical business still is, with three-quarters of entertainment sales still on disc.

"Downloads offer convenience and portability, but people still seem to value the quality and tangibility of a physical product."

So digital continues to grow, although it seems like it'll be a long time before physical media goes anywhere.

Edited On 02 Jan, 2013

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Pete992's avatar
Pete992 4 years ago
Not surprising considering most game shops are now shut, people living in area like myself have a computer game shop 30miles away so it's either shopto or download :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Brett 4 years ago
even cex has gone up in price a copy of dmc4 i boguht form there for 5 pounds 3 years ago is now 8

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