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Pre-order Star Trek, get Elite Officer Pack

Namco has announced that anyone who pre-orders its upcoming Star Trek game will get its bonus Elite Officer Pack for free.

The Elite Officer Pack features exclusive items and unique uniforms for characters such as Kirk and Spock, who play front and center in a completely new story created especially for Star Trek The Video Game.

The exclusive Elite Officer Pack will include:

Stealth Pack ? Kirk and Spock stealth uniforms, plus Starfleet Type IV Stealth Sniper Rifle and extra ammo
Brawler Pack ? Kirk leather jacket costume and Spock Vulcan Science Academy costume
Kelvin Pack ? Kirk and Spock U.S.S. Kelvin uniforms, plus U.S.S. Kelvin Hand Phaser
Academy Pack ? Kirk Academy Uniform, Spock Officer Dress Uniform, plus Academy Phaser
Kobayashi Maru Pack ? Kirk and Spock Kobayashi Maru uniforms

You can pre-order your copy of Star Trek below.

Edited On 08 Jan, 2013

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0000000000's avatar
0000000000 4 years ago
not a fan of the series.. but the new movie i loved and i cant wait for the new film so im looking forward to seeing how this turns out when i see more on it
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Don't really care for the new Star Trek, it's OK, but I can't see it ever being great again. Looks like the game fits well with the new Trek though, very average.

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