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FuturLab reveals Velocity Ultra for PS Vita

Over on the Official Playstation Blog, developers FuturLab have revealed they're latest title to hit the Playstation Store - Velocity Ultra. A native PS Vita version of their previous PS Mini title with some added features.

FuturLab stated "Velocity Ultra features Trophies, online high scores and a completely overhauled visual style at native PS Vita resolution! We're reworking all the art in the game, so the cut scene stills have been recreated at a much higher standard than before."

They went on to say that Velocity Ultra is the definitive version of the PS Mini game, "You can think of Velocity Ultra as the director's cut; everything we would have done the first time around if we'd had the budget. Our goal now is to create a perfectly formed piece of interactive art that will do your shiny PS Vita justice!"

You can have a look at what the updated version of Velocity, compared to it's predecessor, like below:

At time of writing FuturLab have not stated a release date for the game, but are on track to submit the game to Sony's review process at the beginning of April.

"Velocity Ultra is a way for us to establish the Velocity franchise with a wider audience, and we've got plenty more Velocity in the works."

Edited On 11 Jan, 2013

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Pyroloveridge 4 years ago
well this is worth keeping an eye on.

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