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Comment to Win Competition: Win Ni No Kuni

As you no doubt know by now, our comment to win competition gives you the chance to win a prize in exchange for posting comments using your ShopTo account.

We understand that sometimes it's easier just to leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter and continue the conversation over there. But we'd love it if you make use of our news site to comment, so this is why we love to give you all a little incentive - the chance to win a game.

Each week we are planning to look at all the comments we have received from you, our readers, and as a reward we'll be giving away a game to the two people who we feel have contributed the most, both in terms of comments and their contribution towards the discussions within our stories.

There are a few rules obviously. For instance, in order to qualify for the weekly prize you need to have left at least 10 comments across any of our stories within that week. These comments must also provide a certain level of contribution, i.e be on topic and be relevant to the story which you are commenting on.

This week's prizes consist of two copies of Ni No Kuni (PS3 Only). To confirm entry into this competition please follow the guidelines above to have a chance of winning.

Please also feel free to share our competition by using the social network buttons above.

That's it really.

We are looking forward to your contribution within our comments section and we look forward to rewarding those who contribute the most towards discussion within the site.

Don't forget that you can read our review for Ni No Kuni here.

Terms & Conditions

- The winners of this competition will be picked each week based on their contribution to the site.
- To enter you must post at least 10 comments each week across our news stories by contributing in a sensible way.
- Anyone posting spam will be immediately disqualified and will not be considered for the prize.
- To make things fair, if you win at any point within the month, then you'll not be considered again for a prize until the following month.
- There is no limit to the number of times you may comment on the website - We encourage you to join all the discussions and help build the community within our site.
- The winners will be announced on the first Monday of each week.
- You must be at least 18 years of age or have consent of a parent or legal guardian to enter this competition, and residing in the UK.
- The prize consists of two games each week - one per winner. There is no cash or prize alternative and the prize is non-transferable.
- Games chosen are at the discretion of the ShopTo Staff.

Please ensure you state your format of choice in the comments field below to confirm entry and to make it easier for us to get your prize to you without delay.

Edited On 28 Jan, 2013

( 81 )
Pyroloveridge 2 years ago
Joe its a Playstation only exclusive isn't it?
I think It is Pyro
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Yes it is. There was a previous installment of the game in Japan for NDS and later another version for the PS3. The PS3 version is basically a remake so it is a PS3 exclusive. Plus the DS version is not scheduled to be released outside of Japan.
Salvo 2 years ago
Weren't the PS3 and DS games two entirely different titles just set in the same 'universe'? I admit I haven't really looked too hard at the DS game, but that was the impression I was under (Probably because they had different names from each other for one thing).
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
They are two different games, but it is also a remake. It uses the same premise, story and gameplay as the DS version but it contains a lot of unique content and new way of displaying the same content. Only released in Japan, 2010. A shame, but now we get to play this version!
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Hmm... I've just done some reading up on this game's development history. Seems the PS3 and DS versions went into development at the same time, but the only thing common between them was the premise and characters. The actual story, combat system and all are completely different otherwise. Seems an odd way to go about a project like this, but I guess they had their reasons.
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
The story isn't completely different from what I've read. it has the same basic plot points throughout. The mechanics are different though, but they are both JRPGs at heart. We should all be thankful it isn't just uprezzed DS assets 0_0
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Yes it was eventually a different game with similar story. I think about half-way into the game the story takes a different course in each.
Salvo 2 years ago
Gloria 2 years ago
Good luck everyone, apart from you know who ;)
Thats not fair sure he is a dark wizard but voldemort deserves the same chance as everyone else.
Zombieflamingo 2 years ago
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Don't own a PS3 so will sit this one out. Good luck everybody else though.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
Yeah this one is PS3 only. Multiplatform will resume next week.
How do you decide what to give away then? Is it the most recent, popular game or do you get some free copies for competitions from publishers?
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Its usually brand new games that have just come out.
Rachael 2 years ago
Afrododger 2 years ago
Been a huge Ghibli fan for as long as I can remember, and I've been wanting to get this game so badly - sadly, being a broke father, I can't afford it at the moment... Even though I know my son would love to watch and play! Enough sob story - the game looks incredible, and I really can't wait to get my hands on a copy someday soon :)
Steven 2 years ago
I'm really excited for this, the demo reminded me a little of the good parts of FF7 (my favourite game EVER!) with the big map for exploring & encounters. First time in ages I've come to the end of a demo and just wanted to carry on playing!
A2GMAN 2 years ago
form the looks of how the game is. it would prob be a rare one to find after the release. but i look forward to get this game for my gf. as she cant wait to play it. although from the demo it should have not bean a timed demo. other than that, it will be one of the best ps3 games to date.
James26 2 years ago
Ah hell yes! I'm definitely going to be trying my hardest to win this one! :)
drkmn302 2 years ago
This will be in the top 5 games sold for ps3, I havent personally gone for it but visual is a beautiful masterpiece and namco should be proud of this one
I heard the Japanese sales were underperforming and they are hoping for a big hit internationally. I hope it sells well, because then we might see more Level-5 goodness.
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Seems preorders alone have been above expectations, and the special edition is selling out everywhere judging by the clamor for it in the US already. Encouraging signs.
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
The 'clamor' is actually only a niche audience. It's such a minority that it is a subset of hardcore gamers who go online and post about games like this, who are still in to JRPGs. They're just very loud. I think it will do OK for the localisation costs though.
AlisterCat 2 years ago
iMerle iDixon 2 years ago
good luck to you all.
Akira_Tenshi 2 years ago
Ni No Kuni is a dream come true for me. I have waited so long for a game like this. It's like it was made for me. I'm a huge Studio Ghibli fan and I love old school JRPG's. I only wish some other big name RPGS would realize that it's okay to be a little old school sometimes. I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy.
u have my gaming hero as your pic love cloud strife FFVII greatest RPG ever made and i 100% agree with what your saying!
0000000000 2 years ago
Cloud is a legend, prefer Barrett personally though :D
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
jumpurs 2 years ago
Good luck :)
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
I've already paid for my pre-order :(
drkmn302 2 years ago
Can tell you this, its been a top seller. It amazed me how popular this has became. Specially the special at the price it came out at. Players were basically fighting after getting a copy. And luckily we wont have the same issue the U.S had with over selling it. So who's order the SE or standard ed?
Simon 2 years ago
The demo is great, I hope the game lives up to its expecations... Studio Ghibli AND Level 5. Dream come true.
Aminu 2 years ago
I need no luck, I beat ninja gaiden sigma 2 on path of master ninja!
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
Count me in please. PS3 versi... oh wait... that's the only version isn't it? :D
da_kerr 2 years ago
The art style is beautiful (with Ghibli on board, not surprised) but I wonder if this might lead to Level-5's Professor Layton coming to home consoles? Maybe it's just me, but I could see a market for it as a downloadable game.
I doubt there will be any of the current Layton games on consoles. Plus, I believe the final layton game is being released (or has been?) in Japan so if they go the console route we'll know about it in Japan first.
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Gummy 2 years ago
Ni No Kuni seems to have been very well received. To be honest, I was pretty put off it because of how the American Wizard's Edition comes with more goodies for about the same price. But you couldn't complain any more if you were lucky enough to grab yourself a free copy. Anyway, the game looks absolutely gorgeous, ay? ;)
fusearts 2 years ago
Played this at Play Expo in Manchester. It's a fantastic game. Relies heavily on story and leveling up your monsters. Looks stunning. Count me in to this competition please :)
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Good luck everyone
Rachael 2 years ago
Any game that has similar comparisons to Final fantasy 7 is a game i would love to own. Yes Please!!!!!
SpartanSector 2 years ago
Best of luck everyone! =] As has been said I believe it's a PS3 exclusive, so that's the format I'd like ;P
SpartanSector 2 years ago
Best of luck everyone! =] As has been said I believe it's a PS3 exclusive, so that's the format I'd like ;P
Pein Reborn 2 years ago
Interesting competition. With a brilliant game as a prize too.
Robichoico 2 years ago
Good luck to everyone! I already paid for my Wizard's Edition so no point in entering this week.
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Does the fact that I haven't yet commented on any news articles limit me in this competition? I hope not.
stephen james 2 years ago
afrododger going the xfactor route =] good luck to everyone I hope someone that cant afford it gets one.
Beazi 2 years ago
Probably wait for this to drop considerably if I was to get it eventually. Not too excited about it really. Good luck to all that enters, but for this one I'm out.
amd500 2 years ago
Good luck everyone.
WoodySteW 2 years ago
This is the first time that I have entered for one of these competitions as Ni No Kuni is on my 'to buy' list due to all the articles read and videos seen showing off how amazing it looks! I came across it when browsing my favourite gaming website when they were detailing the special editions that are available with it. In my opinion, only games that are going to be of high quality and worthwhile entertainment come in a special edition such as Borderlands 2 or Far Cry 3. After looking into Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, I realised that there was a previous game that was japanese, but only for DS which also looked quite impressive. So to hear that they are doing a PS3 exclusive Ni No Kuni in English was great news! I haven't heard of very many games from Studio Ghibli and LEVEL-5 but I'm sure they have other great games that I am yet to discover. The story sounds quite sad, with Oliver trying to find a way to revive his mother, but I am sure this will make a great plot line and to me a plot line is the most important feature. I love to get sucked into an incredible story with massive twists and turns whilst keeping the gameplay fun. The game also reminds me of Final Fantasy with how they have the fighting system and world exploration, and as any gamer should know, the Final Fantasy games are classics! The artistic design and voice acting look to help enhance the games features of being an RPG. At first I thought it looked a little childish, but on second look it appears to pull you in more and besides ... how else are you going to have magic, comedy, saddness and happiness in a game without it looking kinda rubbish? Whether I win this competition or not, I am still going to get this game (may be a while due to budget, but I will not give up on this game). Thanks for reading
I like you
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Oh yes, Level-5 have quite the proven track record in terms of great rpg's, most notably in the PlayStation 2 era with the likes of Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle (One of my favorite games of all time.) & Rogue Galaxy. They've also created the White Knight Chronicles series on the PS3, which I've yet to play myself, but I hear good things. Anyway, as far as Ni No Kuni goes, Level-5 & Studio Ghibli is a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned. Game looks absolutely stunning and I'm sure its crammed full of content like most Level-5 games are. Can't wait!
dr.sanchez 2 years ago
haha! I like me too DynamiteWhyte :p ......................... and I really do need to look into the games you've mentioned dr.sanchez, I hope the PS2 ones will be available on psn as I don't have a backwards compatible PS3. They are definitely on my watch list from now on like Bethesda and 2k Games/Gearbox. I do love Japanese of origin games, they do them so well.
WoodySteW 2 years ago
Bindiana 2 years ago
Throwing my name into the hat.
Bhamkeyx 2 years ago
Count me in :)
J-D 2 years ago
want. need. gimme.
shiny miller 2 years ago
Count me in too. Game looks great, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will only be a minor success in the UK, despite all the positive reviews.
The UK really isn't JRPG country... not even slightly. It'd probably be lucky to make the top 40. It could do well in other parts of Europe where Studio Ghibli stuff is massive though... I believe France is really hot for those guys, aren't they?
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
Coolsambob 2 years ago
Not looked into this game, but starting to hear good things... Would definitely give this competition a go!
Datastatic 2 years ago
Preordered time ago, prepaid. Took the week off. Delayed. Wont be in when its delivered. Cant wait to travel to the post office to fetch it. Good luck all. Its a good. Even in Japanese. Even delayed a week, which was done specifically to annoy me and destroy my faith in humanity.
BEN 2 years ago
From everything I've heard about this game (and there all positive) it sounds as if it is almost like a console Pokemon game. I always wished Pokemon was on a console and not just a spinoff! This game looks fantastic, will definitely play it (especially if its free :-) )
Its not like Pokemon really. The game its closest to is Eternal Sonata, you can collect monster tings, which is where the Pokemon comparison comes from.
Datastatic 2 years ago
Yeah it doesn't play like a Pokemon game, but you also 'evolve' your familiars. I think they have 3 forms... but I may have misread. They even have shinies in the special edition.
AlisterCat 2 years ago
BEN 2 years ago
From everything I've heard about this game (and there all positive) it sounds as if it is almost like a console Pokemon game. I always wished Pokemon was on a console and not just a spinoff! This game looks fantastic, will definitely play it (especially if its free :-) )
rick75fowler 2 years ago
this game is on my list and to see it being entered for the prize this week has made me drool even more i dont win much if anything and this would make my week so i sit and pray i win this week
izzyhigh 2 years ago
not normaly a fan of jrpg or rpgs in general not turn based at least but this has won me over.stunning visually and with a story thats sure to last bring it on!
izzyhigh 2 years ago
not normaly a fan of jrpg or rpgs in general not turn based at least but this has won me over.stunning visually and with a story thats sure to last bring it on!
izzyhigh 2 years ago
not normaly a fan of jrpg or rpgs in general not turn based at least but this has won me over.stunning visually and with a story thats sure to last bring it on!
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Errr... Joe? Did some of the pre-orders of the wizard edition get cancelled? I was just able to pre-order it again.
Sorry, I don't work in the office, so no idea re: Shop side :D
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
Good to know. Chat support helped me out anyway. Thanks though. :)
AlisterCat 2 years ago
Danny 2 years ago
I've heard that Fernando Torres loved the demo and now calls himself 'El Ni No Kuni'! ;)
Skiba 2 years ago
yes please
DJH117 2 years ago
I very much need this game in my life, had to cancel my preorder for it as i was recently fired from work. :(
wu xian 2 years ago
Ever since watching the first Ghibli film when i was very young i have wished to delve into the universes the studio creates, and now that dream is a reality! I hope/wish that a good reception for this game will lead to other games being made of its ilk, perhaps even some based on the themed universes in previous treasured Ghilbi films as well? Ive always wanted to visit Laputa as Patsu, how amazing would that be? Or wander the streets in the picturesque Kiki's Delivery Service? The possibilities are endless! Cannot. Wait.
ashmanmosh 2 years ago
I would very much like this game, Played the demo a couple of weeks ago and was blown away! So much fun, it's nice to see a good JRPG making it's way over to western territories!
Anonymous user's avatar
Tim 2 years ago
As a huge Anime fan i've been looking forward to this game for some time. always seemed like a Ghibli film mixed with a HD Pokemon game. Maybe a lighthearted Persona style game. Either way it's looked great from the get go.
Artemisthemp 2 years ago
Golden Hurly available on EU PSN for free!/en-dk/games/addons/golden-hurly/cid=EP0700-BLES01555_00-ITEMIMP006100000 Note: Sorry, if it's again's your policy to post link in comments
Barada 2 years ago
I couldn't care who made it or what it looks like; apparently it's a very good game which gamers should play - I'm in! ;)
AlisterCat 2 years ago
My wizard's edition just arrived! Glad I was able to scoop one up last minute.
Jealous!! Let me know if it's good. i know the answer already but tell me anyway. :)
Rachael 2 years ago
rick75fowler 2 years ago
The more i see this game the more i love it i have never played a rpg game before so its all new to me and its something imreally want to try out and the reviews and feedback are looking really postive,the only concern i had is im 37yrs old will it be too easy and made more for young kids but from what ive been reading it clearly states its not made just for kids but of all ages so its a big bonus for me so please shopto let me win so i can start my new adventure into rpg and ni no kuni
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Yeah, this game is legit. Only been playing till I've beat my first boss with my familiar and I'm in love.
CookieMcCrumble 2 years ago
Would love to have a go at this one, had my eye on it but had too many games to get and not enough money to get them all!

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