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God of War: Ascension gets second teaser trailer

Remember that Sony teaser which promised to reveal something new on February 1? Well it looks like it was for God of War: Ascension after all.

As you can see below, yet another trailer has appeared featuring the same actress, this time accompanied by what looks like her screen daughter.

The fact that the video is titled God of War: Ascension Superbowl trailer kind of gives away the rest.

Look out for the full trailer on February 1.

As for the Game Day part of the last teaser? Well we have no idea, perhaps it relates to the Superbowl too, or maybe just maybe we'll be hearing about other Sony games that day too. Killzone Mercenary anyone?

Edited On 30 Jan, 2013

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PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 4 years ago
Um... did the initial teaser actually promise something new though?
Joe2120's avatar
Yeah it promised something on Feb 1. Be it a new trailer or whatever, it was promising something :D
Joe2120 4 years ago
Carl-G's avatar
Carl-G 4 years ago
NO!!! WAY!!! I thought the teaser would be for PS4!!! :D How disappointing...er NOT :P (no i wasn't 1 of the online idiots who thought it would be) Anyway i can't wait to get the Game :P
Gummy's avatar
Gummy 4 years ago
Wow...well that was a bit anticlimactic. Today is game day? Maybe they forgot. xD
Anonymous user's avatar
Taz 4 years ago
Only reason I care about it is for The Last of Us demo.
Anonymous user's avatar
The last of us is looking great, its a nice little bonus to get with GoW
Rachael 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
I have enjoyed all of the other previous GoW games, even the one on the PSP! As much as i do though, this was a bit of an anti climax.
Anonymous user's avatar
Tim 4 years ago
Aw man i was really wishing for it not to be God of War related. At least not for Ascension's since we know so much about it. However that did look cool, the full trailer must be sick. Not to mention The Last of Us demo, arguably the biggest game on my list. Really wished the trailer was a Heavenly Sword/God of War crossover though.
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
They should just call the game 'God of War: Multiplayer' and be done with it. ;)
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 4 years ago
Im already bored of this game and I havent even played it, think ile wait for the platinum release unlike Last of Us, naughty dog, not Uncharted, sign me rite up
WoodySteW's avatar
WoodySteW 4 years ago
I loved the GoW games, until i played the last one and basically everyone died :/ i hate films that end that way and my opinion doesnt change for games. The combat however is spectacular with all the slicing and climbing and combos! great stuff, just wish the story ended nicer. Will have to find out more about this game before it is considered for my to get collection.

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