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BioShock Infinite 'City in the Sky' trailer arrives

2k Games has today released a new trailer for BioShock Infinite entitled 'City in the Sky'.

As you'd expect this latest trailer focuses on action, with the city in the sky providing the main backdrop to this. Bioshock Infinite is looking like yet another stunning game for PS3 and Xbox 360. Who says we need new consoles when you have game's as good as this?

BioShock Infinite arrives March 26.

Edited On 31 Jan, 2013

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DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
I really can't wait.
Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
This is the first i have seen on this game (on purpose) and all i can say is wow. It has beautiful graphics and looks like it can be a decent story too! The great games are rolling out thick and fast!
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 4 years ago
Im not watching the trailers, reading the interviews (same as GTA) i just must have this, this i think like a lot of prople out there is my most anticipated game for 2013
DJH117's avatar
DJH117 4 years ago
This game needs to be released right now.
WoodySteW's avatar
WoodySteW 4 years ago
AAAAAH EXCITED!!!!!!!!! that trailer gave so much more information than its previous ones! i cannot wait for this to be released! must ..... resist ..... preordering! oh screw it, i think i will anyway! some games youve just got to :p the graphics look incredible again, the gameplay looks solid and i love the whole new setting! bring it on!
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
Have only played a small percentage of Bioshock, but, I've watched someone else play through almost the entire game - I was impressed with how smooth the original was. Think B2 was more of the same? Not seen or played it. This 'infinite' does look great on initial viewing; at first you think it won't work because it looks far too 'cheery' for Bioshock then there is the ever-creeping dark undertone clawing it's way back in. I must simply get back and complete the original for myself, even with the huge spoilers now exposed! ;)

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