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God of War: Ascension 'Game Day' trailer released

Sony has finally released the God of War: Ascension trailer that it has been teasing all week.

We presume this will be shown during halftime at this weekend's Superbowl, which should help God of War: Ascension to grab some fantastic publicity.

Check out the video below.

You can pre-order God of War: Ascension from ShopTo here.

Edited On 01 Feb, 2013

I'm not a fan of live action trailers, would much rather a trailer of the actual game.
Whitey 2 years ago
Yeh i agree with this, but thats not to say that this trailer didnt get me excited about the game.
Rachael 2 years ago
Agreed, so need for them really. But it is a good trailer none the less.
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Why do they waste time and money on these things? Instant turn-off! They're just too afraid to actually show the gameplay - 'here's our brand new game, which, incidentally, plays and looks pretty similar to the last one!' ;)
Barada 2 years ago
Because it's showing a story rather than the gameplay. Would have been better using ingame graphics. Your last attempt at a dig makes no sense though, so try harder. ";)"
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Um, I don't ever recall telling anyone the story from a video game, do you? Most games only have a threadbare narrative - we want action, stimulation really, go on, admit it! ;)
Barada 2 years ago
What? The trailers showing a story, not gameplay, which you complained about. And go play MGS4 then get back to me. ";)"
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Don't play Metal Gear games; heard about and seen a few of their 'cut-scene' yawn fests, I'll watch a movie for those types of things, video games are meant to be interactive. Wasn't MGS4 about 50% cut-scenes?
Barada 2 years ago
So if you don't want to watch cutscenes, what games do you play? I think I can harbour a guess.
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
I was being sincere about MSG4; cynicism switch set to the OFF position. It isn't a series I've ever played. Heard a lot about the game and its cinematic approach. From some of the scenes I've watched, they do look very good. I've been playing games since the late 70s so have experienced all manner of games, genres and styles.
Barada 2 years ago
I actually found very Good simply beautiful show Kratos`s hurt and anger :) Can not wait.
TomxGamerx 2 years ago
What a load of fuss over nothing.
Gloria 2 years ago
Ahhhhh it's the God Of War hater AGAIN!!!! KILL YOUR SELF
makki 2 years ago
Little bit harsh makki, and unnecessary at that.
Rachael 2 years ago
Yet another game I miss out on due to not having a PS3. Don't like Play action trailers either personally, but spose it's something to use when there isn't enough sufficient gameplay ready yet to show.
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Thankfully, we don't get to sit through the US adverts in the UK's coverage of the Super Bowl (two words, not one as in original post). The BBC coverage won't even have any! C'mon Niners!
Barada 2 years ago
I'm gunna watch it on Sky Sports. Saints fan but come on RAVENS!!!
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Gonna be a tight matchup, for sure. Niners only 3.5pts favourites. Been 18 long years since I last saw them there. Different era, different team. Who knows? I have a choice of channels as well, just prefer BBC when given it.
Barada 2 years ago
49ers'll win it I think behind Gore. But it is written in the stars that the Ravens'll win it. Best tacklers in the playoffs. Best QB in the playoffs.
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
I'm going with the written in the stars thing aswell, If Ray Lewis does retire it's his fairytale ending. Joe Flacco has been brilliant too, don't forget about Ray Rice either. Thing that wings it for me is the fact the Ravens have beaten Denver and the Patriots on the road which is no easy feat. Gunna be a great game anyway!
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
With a half-speed Justin Smith on D-line (hope he holds up for the whole game) it will be interesting to see how much pressure the 49ers can bring on Flacco. Should be pretty solid in run-D with Bowman and Willis hungry for some Rice. Oh, Special K needs to have a monster game - only his 10th start!
Barada 2 years ago
The thing with Kaep is that he can pull off anything with his ability to run, which throws a whole new dimension in compared to what you'd expect of Smith. But if any team is going to hurt a QB, that's the Ravens.
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Yawn yawn yawn!!!! I feel like this is game overkill just like activision and Call of Duty
inspector 74 2 years ago
New GOW anytime any day My Wallet is at your service Kratos
makki 2 years ago
The trailer looks cool :), not sure if from this trailer they will get more publicity and potential customers, but they definitley will keep current GOW fans and anyone who played and enjoyed the same, even a little bit. Not sure, if this one will do better than GOD of 3, but it sure has potential, especially with the multi-player mode, let's hope it will be fun, both the single-player, just like in the previous GOW games, and the multi-player, which is a new concept for GOW. I personally think it will be fun, but i'm mainly waiting to play the single-player, and then try the multi-player, which I'm sure will be good, maybe not something which will attract and keep players to play online on daily basis, but surley, will be fun for a while.
Bhamkeyx 2 years ago
GOW 3 is probably the worst out of the three main ones. So not gonna be hard to top it really. Unfortunately for me the only thing that appeals to me is the single player gameplay. Which plenty of other games now manage to do a whole lot better. And I can't justify paying £40 for a less than 7 hour game anymore. (Dunno how long it will be. First was less than 5 hours and one of the PSP ones was about 3 hours. I'm being optimistic.)
Robichoico 2 years ago
I thought his daughter was black?
HappyNoodleBoy 2 years ago
Its nice to see trailers for movies trailers but for games should be that,games i want to see footage of what they want my hard earned money to buy ya do wonder how much mney is spent just on these trailers,it could be more spent on the game itself i reckon,anyway its a nice little video and done well.
rick75fowler 2 years ago
Damn live action trailers.. never liked them. I would watch a film if I came for live action haha :L
Katana190 2 years ago
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