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PlayStation Home arcade titles come to Vita

Sony has announced a new application for Vita which will allow you to check out PlayStation Home arcade games.

The PlayStation Home Arcade application will be available for free from the PS Store, and comes with two free games: Icebreaker and WipEout 2D. A demo of Scribble Shooter will also be available.

If you like what you see then you'll be able to download more games within the application for around 99p each.

Interestingly, if you purchased or purchase an arcade cabinet in PS Home with your SEN id, then it will also be made available on the Vita application.

Here's the line up:

Icebreaker (Free) - Sony Computer Entertainment
WipEout 2D (Free) - Sony Computer Entertainment
Scribble Shooter (Demo available for free) - Sony Computer Entertainment
Frogger - KONAMI
Time Pilot - KONAMI
Asteroids - ATARI
Centipede - ATARI
Astrosmash Gen2 - INTELLIVISION via Realtime Associates
Shark! Shark! Gen2 - INTELLIVISION via Realtime Associates
Mad Blocker - Open Emotion

Sound good?

Update - We are hearing some people already have had this app for a while, however it's not on the PS Store as far as we can see, so we presume it'll arrive very soon.

Edited On 05 Feb, 2013

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A2GMAN's avatar
A2GMAN 4 years ago
by any chance this app is released 2mrow? because ive had the app for this scince last yr in december? now i am thinking that i have this by pure accedent? and i have looked at the app. its not a big download and looks relley good to use with the vita.
Carl-G's avatar
Carl-G 4 years ago
I wonder if its possible to get HOME on PSVita one day? That would be cool i think;)
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
centerpede how cool must get on this just for that doh i aint got a vita
knockton's avatar
knockton 4 years ago
i don't like ps home im a female on it and people come up to me saying how old are you where do you live ): its funny at first but its just weird
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
they did to me too but i am female remember dream cast live chat on there a chap called sexylad wouldnt leave me alone
A2GMAN's avatar
A2GMAN 4 years ago
just to add...the download i got it was on the 15/12/2012. must have bean released by accedent. (somehow sony has a very strange habet of giveng stuff away and releseing stuff not ment to be on the store.) its 108mb. and i have used it for a bit. but to be honest. it looks alright to use and some of the home games are good in there own way. but for me it wasnt for me. but for any1 who like the home games would love the app.
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 4 years ago
Frogger on PlayStation Vita sounds a good combination. I cant remember the last time I played that game but its addictive when you get into it. By the way guys... I've said this time and time again, have a look at Midway Classics PS3 and Xbox360 games. Some real classics on there. Was playing Rampage last night and love it! Super Off Road is the best though!
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
The Home feature on PS3 is pointless - it's the area where you can run about with an avatar isn't it? Having an arcade is the first thing I've heard that actually makes going there worth it! Now having these retro games available for the Vita seems a very good move. Some of us are 'experienced' enough to remember playing these in actual arcades - simple, straight-forward gaming - and at 99p a game, cheap enough to relive those 10p-20p-a-go moments all over again. I want to get the Midway Arcade Origins disc soon, a chance to play original Gauntlet on a console!

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