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Michael Pachter says "The UK games retail market is a joke." Is he wrong?

Michael Pachter, Analyst and GTTV star, has said that he feels the UK Retail Industry is a joke.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Pachter said,"The UK games retail market is a joke, with retailers pricing below cost to drive traffic.

"That's great for consumers, but retailers can't make any money on games, hence the bankruptcies of GAME, HMV and Blockbuster, and the refusal of GameStop to expand into the market.

"If all retailers go broke, or if games are dominated by mass merchants like Dixons, gamers are ultimately going to get fewer selections," he said.

Pachter also added that the absence of GameStop and the demise of GAME limits the ability of consumers to trade in used games, depriving many of credits that can be used to purchase new games.

"Retail needs to make money to exist, and games retail in the UK doesn't make money."

The UK games industry has seen sales decrease in recent years, however we do seem to be coming to the end of an era as far as the current consoles are concerned. Will the next generation help pick things up again?

He hasn't even mentioned popular and highly successful online retailers such as ShopTo. Then there are services such as Origin, PSN, Xbox LIVE and Steam, all of which are doing a great job at selling games to consumers.

Do you feel Pachter is right?

Edited On 11 Feb, 2013