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Superfrog HD to make PS3 and PS Vita appearance later this year

Team 17 is bringing back SuperFrog. Now I don't remember this character from the first time around, however the 20 year old character is coming back in the form of Superfrog HD.

"We're extremely excited about bringing Superfrog HD to PS3 and PS Vita; it's the most requested game that our fans are always asking to see make a return. Now, with the 20th anniversary of the original Superfrog and the recent re-release of our classic survival-horror Alien Breed, we feel the timing has never been better." said Debbie Bestwick, Team17's Managing Director on the PS Blog.

The post also talks about how Superfrog was originally released on the Amiga in 1993 and received much critical acclaim.

"The platformer was well-received back in the day, so I'm sure retro fans will get a real kick out of Superfrog's return."

Here's an evolution graphic:

Edited On 13 Feb, 2013

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Cathe's avatar
Cathe 4 years ago
Oh my god! YES! Best news ever!! This was one of the first games I ever played and it was so good! :D Really looking forward to this :D
CookieMcCrumble's avatar
CookieMcCrumble 4 years ago
Haha Superfrog, how awesome. Nostalgia out the earlobes!
craigwp2703's avatar
craigwp2703 4 years ago
That is one dashing frog :P but i prefer the quirky look of his 2nd form, will have to keep an eye on this :P
dazzadavie's avatar
dazzadavie 4 years ago
I love Superfrog and still play it to this day :) I'd love to see Wings, Walker, Super Cars 2 and Rick Dangerous make a HD return
The Dave's avatar
The Dave 4 years ago
Superfrog!!! I loved this game on the CD32
THussain's avatar
THussain 4 years ago
Never played this games but I'm excited to hear its getting a remake in HD. Hope they release a demo so we can try it out
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
I genuinely think I must be the youngest person using this board sometimes... lol.
Gummy's avatar
Gummy 4 years ago
This news is...super. Eehehe. Do you think we'll see a return of the platformers now since Rayman did well? That would be pretty neat. Not enough games rely on how fun the game actually is to play any more, instead keeping us drawn in by pretty graphics and collectables (trophies/achievements).
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
amazing retro remake looking forward to it!
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
Most requested? Yeah, OK. Frogger is the only game with frog in the title that is relevant. Don't remember this particular game - Superfrog - and I've been playing games since the 70s!

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