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Bioshock Infinite gets new trailer

Irrational Games has released a new trailer for Bioshock Infinite in which it talks about the city of Columbia.

It's nice to know more about the game of course, but it'll be even better when you can get hands on for yourself on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 from March 26.

Edited On 15 Feb, 2013

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LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Quite a nice little story clip, Just over a month to go :D
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
Quality trailer. I really do like these trailers Irrational are releasing. I couldn't give a damn about the game though
Barada's avatar
Barada 4 years ago
The whole Bioshock series seems to just work - doesn't it? Makes quite a few other franchises look exceedingly ropey at best. I really do like their darkened paradise...
0000000000's avatar
0000000000 4 years ago
i took GoW of my pre order list for this after i finally decided to pick bioshock! GoW should of ended after 3! ill get that when its cheaper i now cant wait for this.. gives me 3-4 weeks of tomb raider then i hit this hard :D
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
not that excited by this tbh will probably play at some point but wasnt the biggest fan of the first two they were hard games but clever
inspector 74's avatar
inspector 74 4 years ago
I loved the previous 2 bioshock games so this is just completely top of my pops of games this year and Irrational games completely nailed the first one didnt they??? Bioshock is amonst my favourite games of all time, the mood the atmosphere and obviously the game are just incredible so Bioshock infinite day cannot come soon enough for me, I have absolutely no idea why EA have chosen to release Army of two 3 on the same day though?? I quite fancy viscerals interpretation of Army of two but why on earth would they release it the same day as the mighty gaming bahemouth that is this game.........cant wait just cant wait
Lavindathar's avatar
Lavindathar 4 years ago

Just kidding, but unfortunately I can't watch the trailer. This is one of those games that I'm so excited for, I want to know absolutely nothing about it.

All I know, is a girl, a floating city, and erm, thats it. Bioshock 1 is one of the greatest games ever made. 2 was ok. Hopefully, this will match number 1!
Anonymous user's avatar
John 4 years ago
That was pretty cool, even though I don't usually like trailers that have no gameplay or anything that shows what the game will be like, I really liked the creepy eerie feel of this one, definitely suits what the game is trying to portray I think. I loved the previous games so I'm looking forward to this one =)
THussain's avatar
THussain 4 years ago
Mmm a nice little trailer to gets fans excited for the game. Isn't really my type of game but wouldn't mind trying it out later on
craigwp2703's avatar
craigwp2703 4 years ago
Looks interesting, I liked bioshock 1 and 2 but i never got them at release, they're ones i wait a bit for :P
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
i did see a clip and i was a bit sold it does look impressive but complex going between the sky land and blimp in the sky i may give it a whirl just think some better stuff might be better to pick up before when does it come out?
COP3Y DUNT's avatar
COP3Y DUNT 4 years ago
Pre-ordered, can't wait, want it NOW!!!

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