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PS4: The World of Concepts

No-one knows what the PlayStation 4 will look like, so for a bit of fun we have scoured the internet to find any images related to the system so far.

The images below are all fake of course, but there are certainly some interesting and out there designs. So ahead of the 'apparent' official reveal tonight, lets have a look and see who'll get closest to the final design.

So which of these designs do you like, if any?

Edited On 20 Feb, 2013

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DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
I'd go with the simple picture 5 or picture 8(Minus the controller). Look pretty good and would sit nicely under my TV.
Pyroloveridge's avatar
Pyroloveridge 4 years ago
pah, just wish they would get it over and done with now
Pyroloveridge's avatar
although i would go for number 1
Pyroloveridge 4 years ago
Artemisthemp's avatar
Nr. 1 is the best
Artemisthemp 4 years ago
0000000000's avatar
0000000000 4 years ago
top 1 is more likely
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 4 years ago
I kind of like the second one like a bit of change then the normal boxes.
Cathe's avatar
Cathe 4 years ago
I like the first one and the last one. The first picture reminds me of the PS2 a bit and the last one is just really pretty :)
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Some of these just look like a modem lol. I like the circular one personally, but doubt they will go for something like that as it would be a bastard to have on desks.
Goose_1's avatar
I was thinking that haha. They look like my router at work haha. 4th would be awesome but a bit wacky. I like 5th one for the simplicity. At the end of the day after the novelty of looks have worn off all your going to be worried about is storage (where to put it) lol
Goose_1 4 years ago
LFC Bywater's avatar
Exactly lol, and i think some of them wouldn't fit on my TV stand under the TV. Some of them are quite wacky, Especially the one with the red controllers.
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Aren't some of those old PS3 concepts with the 3 switched for a 4?
Shoxy85's avatar
If they keep trying the same concepts then in 200 years they're bout to get something close!
Shoxy85 4 years ago
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 4 years ago
Not keen on the red one. The first picture looks nice though, although strangely not hi-tech enough for this generation. I think we will eventually end up with something like the second from bottom picture with the blue LED screen
Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
the top one looks too similar to the ps2 to me. i think they are going to make it look comletely different. just as the transition from ps1 - ps2 was
Unknown_1's avatar
Unknown_1 4 years ago
Just 5 more hours until we finally find out. Although I highly doubt its going to be as flashy as any of these. I mean they already have a console that could be incredibly costly because of its hardware. Last thing they need is to make it look all shiny and futuristic to drive costs up even further.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
number 1 and number 6 look the best in my opinion. hopefully sony will show what it roughly will look like later on tonight.
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
Haha some cool concepts there, well it won't be long until we see what it really looks like right? (Here's hoping anyway)
Chazza's avatar
Chazza 4 years ago
Some very nice designs there, I like the red and grey one myself - it's different to the usual console look.
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
Well they've all gotten bigger as they went on haven't they. So whatever the biggest one is lol
LFC Bywater's avatar
What about the PS3 slim?? :P
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Shoxy85's avatar
Shoxy85 4 years ago
I don't even like Playstations. Hated number 3 and 2 went out the window as soon as the xbox arrived. So naturally I'll be buying one because I'm a slave to trends!
Pete992's avatar
Pete992 4 years ago
They should go retro and back to ps1 style :)
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Just over 2 hours, not long people :D
Anonymous user's avatar
Johnathon 4 years ago
Haha these all look rediculous, but I'd have to say I prefer number 1 :D

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