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Oozi: Earth Adventure Review

With the digital shop Steam's new venture, Greenlight, players get the chance to vote for their favourite games to get a much vaunted place in the Steam library and with hundreds of small teams producing a varying level of quality titles it is hard to plough through all of the wannabes to see what really deserves a spot. The guys at Evolve PR sensibly caught our attention and pointed us towards a small and unloved title, one of such that will easily get overlooked for all of the wrong reasons.

With my experience of previous side scrolling platform games I thought they never really made it on the PC. The keyboard and mouse control did not really translate well and most joysticks were really made for flight simulators, making games like Jazzy Jackrabbit a nightmare to play. But now that there are plenty of creative ways to mod your console controllers, this finally allows you to play on a gaming genre that has pretty much been dropped by the mainstream developers but still works well on the new home of the platformer, the PC.

Taking a very simple approach, our alien hero Oozi crash lands on a strange planet (Earth) and is then set upon by all of the wildlife as he searches for parts of his damaged suit and ship. This overweight looking Rayman clone jumps and runs and dodges his way through a variety of environments, starting with jungles and then moving onto lava filled caverns and laboratories. The general gameplay starts with simplistic platforms and then evolves as Oozi finds more of his equipment, allowing for climbing, double jumps and the classic bottom bash. The main aim is to reach the end of each level, but there are a few extras to locate along the way, collecting stars to gain a high score and also locating hidden special stars.

The actual gameplay is quite linear when compared to the modern platformer, yes you gradually unlock more powers for Oozi to use, but there is no way of returning to old levels and find extra secrets, but while this may seem short-sighted it's the overall level design that Oozi: Earth Adventure gets so right, with a solid challenge which constantly tests your platform skills, involving plenty of death drops, moving platforms and a great cast of enemies like snakes, rocket snails that charge from the undergrowth, undefeatable rolling hedgehogs to Bees wearing Viking helmets.

With the 20 extremely varied levels and boss fights it will not take too long to get through them all, but with each level completed you unlock plenty of extras in the Arcade and Challenge modes. Challenge Mode consists of separate levels based on the different level environments, each one created to push your platform skills to their limits by carrying out specific challenges like eliminating enemies, setting high scores, collecting all of the stars or not getting hit by an enemy. The Arcade Mode revisits the levels you have previously completed but adds a competitive edge with a time attack element whilst trying to set a high score by grabbing all of those stars.

Oozi: Earth Adventure does not have the flair and lovability of the other well-known platformers but they have had over 20 years to get it right, Oozi does however manage to get the basics covered in an enjoyable and classic game, allowing for hopeful future titles to evolve just like those other famous platform games did back on the 90's.

Playable on both keyboard and controller, Oozi:Earth Adventure will be a welcome addition to Steam's "Big Picture" if it gains enough votes to become a store mainstay, so please do vote for this game if you have the time. Of course you can still purchase this game away from the Steam store via the many digital shops out there on the internet for around 8.00 GBP.

Oozi: Earth Adventure is classic platform action, reminding of days before multiple collection missions and intertwining storylines, it's simple and fun and offers a few decent challenges and sometimes that's exactly what you need.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PC)


- Lots of extra challenges to unlock
- Great character design
- Classic 16bit gameplay with HD visuals


- Control pad only
- Oozi looks like an overweight but happy Rayman

Edited On 20 Feb, 2013

( 4 )
Goose_1's avatar
Goose_1 4 years ago
Looks good but think I will stick to Rayman or even Toejam and Earl :)
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 4 years ago
Its always good to see some good old fashioned platform games.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
overweight rayman lol. im gonna pick this up as its only £8 based on this review as it seems like my sort of game. thank you for the review joe as i didnt hear of this game prior to this review.
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
Seems like a fun little platformer may check out a few gameplay videos to see how it goes :D

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