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Sony confirm next console to be named Playstation 4 - Everything you need to know

During the Playstation Meeting happening tonight in New York, Sony have announced that the next console in their line up will be called 'Playstation 4'.

The Playstation 4 will feature an x86 CPU, an Enhanced PC GPU and 8Gb of GDDR5.

Sony also announced that the PS4 will ship with the brand new controller - DualShock 4. Which features the touchpad seen in all the rumoured images, headset inputs, improved triggers and capability to interact with the console like never before. See the image below.

Playstation 4 has many new and unique features not found on any other console such as being able to download games in the background - even with the power off. Downloadable titles can be played as they're downloaded.

The new PlayStation 4 console will also include a suspend and resume feature, meaning you can press the power button once to freeze a game, then press it again later to continue playing from where you left off. The system will also benefit from quick boot, with Sony saying that it'll load almost instantaneously.

There is also a dedicated 'Share' button found on the DualShock4 controller allowing sharing short videos and images from the games. This is handled by a dedicated chip in the console allowing for always-on video compression. Entire UI has been redesigned, and can seamlessly upload gameplay as you go

The new PS4 UI will be vacating the past Cross Media Bar and will now look like this:

Sony also announced that the Playstation 4 will natively use Dave Perry's Gaikai. The long term goal with Gaikai and Playstation is for PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to be playable on the new home console via Gaikai. Dave Perry said that Gaikai would be supported on PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita - allowing for PS4 games to streamed to the handheld device.

Playstation 3 games are not natively supported on the Playstation 4.

Storying updating as it happens!

Edited On 20 Feb, 2013

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Anonymous user's avatar
Daniel 4 years ago
I think they meant 8GB of ram, and the GPU will be using gddr5
Goose_1's avatar
Goose_1 4 years ago
Very interesting. Not been a fan of Sony for a while but I'm suddenly intrigued and curious. any sort of rough release date yet?
LFC Bywater's avatar
No nothing yet, maybe later in the stream.
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
I am literally amazed at the graphics of that old dudes face. You could see every single wrinkle, scar and even ear hair. I am well and truly stunned. FIFA is going to look incredible!
Anonymous user's avatar
Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
ok i take it back it looks incredible not happy backwards compatible is not included but yes it looks very good just wanna see what the console looks like and the new xbox has to be soon now!
Tom_3's avatar
I know i was hoping for backwards compatible but who knows still early days might know bit more at E3
Tom_3 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
glad its called the ps4 and not the orbis which would have been a silly name.
Tom_3's avatar
Tom_3 4 years ago
was that zachary quinto doing the voiceover for watchdogs?
TromaDogg's avatar
TromaDogg 4 years ago
Really liking the look of this and it's appealing to me more than the PS3 did at launch already. The apparent lack of compatibility with PS3 games is a bit of a concern at this point but everything else seems good so far.
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
My stream ditched out on me before they started showing the producers talk of their dreams and stuff, yet it started up as soon as Killzone came in to the fray. So glad it caught all the games and didn't miss too much of the information.
Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 4 years ago
It is backwards compatable in a way with all the Gai Kai stuff but you will likely have to buy it again but if they get pricing right could work out ok. Not sure what Xbox will do regarding backwards compatability that might be a way to one up the ps4 if they can do it but might increase the cost of the console.
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
I watched the stream last night and judging from it I would say the hype was worth it! :D

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