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PlayStation 4 confirmed for Holiday 2013


Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 will be released in Holiday 2013, although there was no confirmation as to what territories it'll arrive in first.

We didn't actually see what the console looks like, although we did see the Dualshock 4, which was the same as the previously leaked pictures.

So what do you think of the announcements so far, are you impressed?

Edited On 21 Feb, 2013

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Kelly-Marie 4 years ago
yes very joe and that's not long to wait either!
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Completely gutted, my internet cut off but im using my phone now, but can't watch anymore of the stream. Keep the news coming on here because I am well and truly missing out. Every game that I have seen has been incredible. Glad that this is coming out this year too, gives me plenty of time to get saving
shane_5121's avatar
shane_5121 4 years ago
I think Sony have played a good game so far, feeding us just enough info to wet our appetites, playing their cards very close to there chest. The one important thing that i noticed is that games developers are saying this system is alot easier to develop for which has always been sony's weak spot in the past. Loooking forward to the future.
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
i thought it was a good press conference but a bit boring at times. hopefully it will release in the UK before december.
superniceguy's avatar
superniceguy 4 years ago
Did they say anything about blocking 2nd hand games? I did notice they said you could play demos, to try before you buy. It is no different than what is now but not for all games, but where they made a point of it seems to be for downloading and buy full games. If it has backwards compatibility then it would attract me into buying it, even it blocked 2nd hand games. They said that they planned to have a wide amount of systems able to play old PS games, so if that means having to buy them and download them, then that will be a turn off. The gameplay capture and friends assistance (which the Wii U touched on with NFS Most Wanted via the screen controller) which stretched to online were both interesting, and basically they seem to be innovating things, but the games did not seem streets ahead of the current gen. I am not preordering yet. I have hardly played my PS3, which seems new as it is! Too many games being released and not enough time. If 2nd hand games get blocked on PS4 then I can easily see myself totally ignoring this.
lukas83's avatar
lukas83 4 years ago
This looks like it could very easily be the best console ever released. It even looks like it may end up beating the SNES as my best console of all time! The official specs show it to be basically an extreme high end gaming PC. There is no doubt that they're going BIG with their 10 year life cycle this time!
knockton's avatar
knockton 4 years ago
I really can't wait for this so epic killzone looks amazing that capcom thing looks good. dogs looks like it could be better then gta everything looks good and i love it when a company's focus is the games and the fact i can play ps4 games on my vita well enough said their
Shoxy85's avatar
Shoxy85 4 years ago
I've got a holiday booked in June. I fully expect it to come out then as thats a 2013 holiday for me.
Robichoico's avatar
lol. Good one. Holiday essentially means the window starting from November to Christmas Day. So hopefully it'll be out for Christmas for people.
Robichoico 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
killzone and watch dogs impressed me massively as they looked so good. cant wait for ps4 but i guess everyone cant wait. im going to wait for the new xbox to be announced before i pre order any but ps4 looks so good i dont know if microsoft can match up to sony this time. well done sony for a fantastic reveal even though it was boring in places and theres no backwards compatibility but one day graphics are going to be so good they look just like real life. the ps4 graphics for kilzone looked stunning. also sony well done for naming it the ps4 and not some stupid name like orbis.
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
Only watched it just now so not getting blinded by the hype that woulda came when I watched last night. If I'm honest there wasn't really much there for me anyways. Vita U is all well and nice but is gonna cost an extra £200 on top of the RRP so won't be for everyone. And I'm mainly buying the console for the games so the extra small features are nice. But not necessary. It's the games that I was looking at. And Sony just didn't deliver. Oh boy. Two Killzone games in a year! And they look exactly the same! Infamous was called. First was ok. Second one was poor. Third? Don't care. I liked Capcom's game. Very Monster Hunterish. Watch Dogs was decent too but is coming out for everything now so not a system seller. No doubt Sony will show off more at E3 but I'm gonna need to see a whole lot more if I'm gonna buy for launch. I'm still set for a few years down the line when the slimmer model comes out and it has a decent game library and has all of the first year problems ironed out.
Goose_1's avatar
Goose_1 4 years ago
As per usual with Sony it will all depend on what are the initial release games with the console. They could get it very right from the beginning by releasing a new (decent) final fantasy game but dependant on if it was exclusive to PS4. They must realise that this will be a deciding factor. Fore personally I will not entertain spending masses amount of money for a console that has no decent games on release. I do prefer Xbox but I must say this has caught my eye. The main thing I'm interested in seeing is bringing more JRPG's exclusive only to PS4. That would turn me. One series that I really got into was the Xenosaga series and it wasn't really released in the UK (aside from episode 2 which was pants) and it was exclusive to PS2. They were the days :)
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Don't think I'll be buying at launch, only Knack interests me of the games shown so far, and I'm not buying a console for just one game. Definitely better than the PS3 reveal though and I can see myself buying one in a year or two.
Bindiana's avatar
I think you will need to wait till E3 to see what the line up is gonna look like people keeping things close to there chest.
Bindiana 4 years ago
Dead's avatar
Maybe, or maybe they'll just show us more of this at E3, I think there will be more games, just not that many more. E3 will probably be a hands on with the games they have shown already, and some multiplatform stuff, and not a lot they haven't shown us already.
Dead 4 years ago
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
I can only see them keeping stuff like a GOW4, an Uncharted 4 and a GT6 for E3. They won't show any new IPs or that, unless EA/Ubisoft do that on their E3 slot. I think it'll be longer demos of these games, plus multiplatform games to kick us all off.
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Johnathon 4 years ago
It'll definately be out by christmas, gotta get all that money in! Interesting to see what move Microsoft makes next though, a new console announcement for the same time frame from them? Or perhaps not... we'll have to wait and see!
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 4 years ago
i think it will prob be next year for us dont know why we are always the last to get it , but saying that its time to save up , was suprized to see pre orders though already
shiny miller's avatar
shiny miller 4 years ago
I am quite impressed, but not giddy with anticipation (when I was a kid I could never wait until the next big console/game). I'll be quite happy with my current machines, but will probably pick up a PS4 mid-2014.
knockton's avatar
knockton 4 years ago
i hope it comes out everywhere at the same time (:
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
Hopefully its a worldwide release just the wait for the Holidays is bad enough, I don't want to wait more >_<

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