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PlayStation App will allow for second screen; store purchases

Sony announced during its press conference that the PlayStation 4 would work with smartphones and other devices such as tablets. So how will this work?

Well according to information provided by the platform holder, Vita users will be able to "seamlessly pull PS4 titles from their living room TVs" and play them on the portable over Wi-Fi.

In addition, a new PlayStation app will also be released, enabling players to add more to their Playing experience, such as displaying maps or inventory screens. You'll also be able to watch others playing games from the device, as well as being able to download demos and purchase items from the store, which we presume will then be ready when you get home.

There is obviously still a lot which is unknown about the PS4, although we'll no doubt find out more over the coming months.

Edited On 21 Feb, 2013

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screally's avatar
screally 4 years ago
Sounds so cool! Knack did look like it was running at about 15fps though. Even streaming ps3 games would be a giant boost with how much left there is in the console.
Anonymous user's avatar
I agree, the fps was something to be desired, even if the idea was a very good one.
Johnathon 4 years ago
Goose_1's avatar
Goose_1 4 years ago
Good idea but will wait to see how it unfolds. Could be an interesting move if it works out. I agree about the FPS...
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
Lets hope there's no problems when the PS4 hits its release date ^_^

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