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Crysis 3 Review

Crysis used to be one of the few games that PC owners had over fellow console gamers, something that only until recently a decent spec PC was able to realise with its huge open world and lifelike jungle. I remember it being the first game to grab once I had a setup worthy of processing the immense visuals and to this day its first few hours of gameplay are one of my more memorable. Sadly it all went a little south with Crysis 2, I can't comment if this was to pander for the console players but Crysis 2 was just so very different from the original, not offering enough usage of the great Nanosuit but more importantly, the once glorious open world became the narrow streets of New York City. Crysis 3 thankfully resolves almost all of the issues of the previous game, though a lot of it comes very late in the game.

We once again don the Nanosuit of Prophet, no longer just a man in a suit but more of a walking war machine, catching up some 24 years after the huge battle against the Ceph and the fall of New York City. Since then Prophet has been searching for the Alpha Ceph, the mother of all Ceph that has somehow been communicating with him and foretelling the end of the world; sadly everyone thinks Prophet has lost the plot and one by one, his followers abandon him to search the world alone. Whilst all this has been going on, unbeknownst to Prophet an organisation called C.E.L.L. have positioned themselves as the leading supplier of energy to the world. The source of their power is a hidden power generator called System-X buried deep within the ruins of New York, which is now encased by a huge Nanodome called the New York City Liberty Dome and cut off from the rest of humanity, causing a giant greenhouse effect on the local area resulting in the local fauna and flora to reclaim the city streets. The game kicks off with Prophet being freed from holding at the outskirts of the Nanodome by an old comrade, Psycho, now skinned from his Nanosuit and saving Prophet from the same grisly future. Quickly teaming up with the resistance and breaking into the Nanodome, Prophet soon becomes frontrunner in the charge against C.E.L.L. and their plans for world economical domination and an all new threat from a once thought defeated foe.

Crysis 3 is first person shooter action at its best, never letting up from start to finish, you are in for a treat both in terms of gameplay, visuals and sound effects and it's a testament to what Crytek can squeeze from the current generation of consoles. Starting the game with the entry to the Nanodome, it pretty much holds your hand through the initial stages, pointing out where to go and how to go about it, which is mainly by using stealth and shield powers with quick presses of the trigger buttons to skulk around the storm battered platform before entering the reclaimed land of New York City. Once in, progressing through the streets, sewers and many damaged rooms does feel a little narrow and too focused for what was on offer in the first Crysis game but they still work a dream, with plenty of set areas created especially for you to choose how to proceed; do you go high and snipe from safety? or charge, guns blazing into the middle of pack of C.E.L.L. agents?

Offering even more flexibility to your choice of tactics is a new inclusion to the Nanosuit tech, a very handy scanner that allows you to scan, identify, tag and even hack items from a safe distance. This is probably more valuable than the weapons themselves with pretty much every room entered being scanned thoroughly, tagging enemies so they are always present on the head ups display (HUD) so you can see who is aggressive towards you, search for weapons caches and even mines and turrets, which you can then hack and use to your advantage; there is nothing more fun than programming a sentry turret to shoot five armed C.E.L.L. soldiers in the back as they search for you. Another new addition and again a huge game changer is the bow and arrow, a weapon that allows for total stealth immersion that even manages to hold your cloak when active, never giving your position away. With the inclusion of this weapon it brings Crysis 3 more in line with the original game; whereas Crysis 2 ended up being more of an all-out shooter, the bow and arrow evens it out and brings stealth back to the forefront of gameplay.

As before there are still plenty of weapons on offer to grab either from fallen enemies or from weapons caches scattered all over the levels. These again have numerous ways of customising on the fly; by holding the select button you bring the weapon close in, allowing you to change certain elements of the weapon in hand, be it adding a suppressor, under the barrel launcher or various scopes and with the bow and arrow, swap between standard arrows, cluster bombs, delayed explosives and electrified bolts, there is something for any occasion.

With each area you enter there will always be an enemy presence, be it C.E.L.L. operatives or later, remnants of the Ceph army, there is always plenty to attack from any way you choose. The AI in the game does feel a little off in as much as all enemies are very quick to spot you, making skulking around the outskirts of levels and picking off enemies very hard, but I suppose that is half of the fun. This is made easier if you start to collect all of the Nanosuit upgrades, this time not only do you have plenty of intel to collect to further deepen what has been happening over the past 20 years, there are also plenty of suit upgrades to locate. These suit upgrades can be purchased at any time of the game as long as you have units to redeem and whilst not essential to complete the game, if you want to play in a specific way then it does make life a lot easier.

Though I mentioned the game is still a little linear, it does offer plenty of ways for you to proceed from A-B, though in one of the latter levels it really ups the game, with you having to disarm three Ceph emplacements set up on three separate islands of battle torn city remnants and all you have is your Nanosuit and whatever else you can find. It is here that the memory of the original Crysis rises up, granting you total freedom as to how to proceed and is an exceptional example of skilled level design allowing you to combine all that came before, skulking through torn open sewers to pop right in the middle of the encampment or charge in. It is almost like the whole game was building up to this masterful crescendo and it is so worth it.

At a solid seven hours of gameplay, not including even half of the secondary quests, the solo campaign in Crysis 3 is so much more satisfying than the previous game and finally shows what console gamers have been missing all these years.

Now I have gone this far without mentioning the production, something that is synonymous with Crytek's previous titles and Crysis 3 is really no different, actually no, it is different, it is breathtakingly stunning; even on home consoles. From rusty sewers to lush green fields bursting through an old highway, beams of light piercing through an old battered truck, there is just so much going on that you really do lose yourself in the attention to detail. The surround sound also deepens the experience with distant voices of enemies chatting to each other, tweets and chirps from the wildlife, it is too much for you to take in all at once, especially since most of the time you are running full pelt through it all, shooting at anything that moves.

Single player aside there is also the return of a rather solid multiplayer area the offers a wealth of game modes. As with any online game you have the now compulsory experience ranking system, with kills, wins and challenge completions earning you points that will gradually unlock an assortment of weapon and Nanosuit mods that will give you an edge on the battlefield. The maps have again been well created, forcing certain bottlenecks and plenty of high points on the map that will continually have people fighting for superiority over the online game modes like team Deathmatch, capture and protect and even a mode where there are no Nanosuits.

Crytek have done a sterling job with Crysis 3. It's certainly a large improvement over the last game in the series and it's probably one of the best looking games you'll see on this generation of consoles.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: PS3)


- Fantastic graphics and sound effects
- Satisfying open choices, stealth or full on fire-fight
- Lengthy campaign
- Huge multiplayer experience


- AI can spoil otherwise tense moments
- Any other game looks awful in comparison

Edited On 21 Feb, 2013

( 14 )
Goose_1's avatar
Goose_1 4 years ago
That it is good news, was worried based upon the last titles single player experience and especially multiplayer which thankfully the beta proved there had been some vast improvements. I'm really looking forward to this! I like the way joe in the cons you put that other games look terrible in comparison haha. Would you not say far cry 3 is close if not equally as visually stunning?
knockton's avatar
knockton 4 years ago
sounds good (: will be getting this i loved 2 so i'm gunna love this (:
 TruDarkAssassin's avatar
TruDarkAssassin 4 years ago
just as i expected for a crysis review cannot wait for this tommorow , they always push the consoles the most they can do , any one on psn add me STARSCREAM-SCOTT if online , ready for battle
Anonymous user's avatar
Jamie 4 years ago
this game sounds very good and i like the second con joe has of the game lol.
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
Great review. Made me look forward to the game even more than I have been, if that was even possible. Glad that the multiplayer is better in this one, it was ok im Crysis 2 but not great. Love that one of the cons was that the graphics are too good :P hopefully I can get my hands on it soon :D
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 4 years ago
Ash wrote the review, not me :D
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 4 years ago
This review has tempted me to give this game a go... probably wait till it gets a bit cheaper but will eventually play it. Those environments look lush
Anonymous user's avatar
MATTHEW 4 years ago
great review i am gutted not getting this tomorrow, i cant wait to finally be able to play it
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
At first when I heard about Crysis 3 I doubted that it will be any good, but when the beta for the multiplayer came out....I love Hunter mode, it is so much fun with friends xD
LFC Bywater's avatar
LFC Bywater 4 years ago
The mode where there are no nano suits sounds quote interesting too. The hunter mode Is what attracts me though. Loved it on the beta.
Goose_1's avatar
Big selling point for me!!
Goose_1 4 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Rachael 4 years ago
wow, this game sounds amazing! i had the pleasure of being able to play crysis on the pc and that blew me away and by the looks of things this one will too. Crytek know how to make a game look pretty
Anonymous user's avatar
Johnathon 4 years ago
Great review and sounds like a great game, also love the con about no other game looking as good, very true :D
Anonymous user's avatar
alan james 4 years ago
gunna have to get this game looks excellent

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