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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag out October; Coming to next gen consoles

Ubisoft may or may not have revealed some new information regarding Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag.

According to a webpage snapped by GamingEverything, the game has already been dated for October 29 and is "also coming to next-gen consoles," in addition to to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

We don't know too much about the game at the moment, but with the embargo set to break this coming Monday, we expect a whole flood of impressions to hit the internet.

Edited On 01 Mar, 2013

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Gloria 2 years ago
So, not taking a break this year after all.
Can't say I'm surprised.
No, but neither does COD. Anyway Ubi have seperate teams working on AC, so chances are this was being worked on at the same time as Assassins Creed 3.
moro 2 years ago
Activision didn't say the next CoD was coming in 2014 like Ubisoft said AC4 was.
Gloria 2 years ago
the next call of duty hasnt been officially announced yet but we all know that it is inevitable.
Rachael 2 years ago
0000000000 2 years ago
this 1 has me interested since ive had a break from the series.. ill rent the 2 i aint finished/played to catch up and ill get this next gen! might be a rent as well in all fairness
Arun1910 2 years ago
Apparently its being made for this gen consoles and ported up, which is a poor move. It means PS4 will only get updated graphics. Things like particle effects, AI intelligence, shadows and lighting will pretty much be absent unless they put those things in, which is effort. If they made it for PS4 and ported it down that would make much more sense. Then again that is also a rumor. I suggest you all go over to the Ubiforums! We have some great discussion there.
A lot of games during a new console launch are ported up so it won't be any surprise
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Pretty much what Saiyanox said. Plus given the massive difference between PS3 and PS4 architecture, they'd probably have to dedicate a lot of manpower if they wanted to utilise the powers of both consoles to the maximum. I am not expecting the PS4 version to be mindblowing. It'll be a step up though. Will have to wait until next year to see the real change.
Unknown_1 2 years ago
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
Not going to get this for current gen. Not buzzed about it enough. May see what games are about next gen and then make a decision on this.
PrometheusFan 2 years ago
Considering current consoles were struggling to run AC3 properly, I'm glad to see the new one is coming to the new hardware as well. Just hope they properly optimise, which shouldn't be an issue if they're just going to have to use the PC build as a base for those versions. I hope...
What issues were there? I didn't try 3. The last I played was Revelations which isn't bad
Beazi 2 years ago
Unknown_1 2 years ago
AC is definitely a series that could highly gain from this generation transition. An open world game like AC can only get better with more powerful hardware because of greater graphical fidelity, better AI and a larger scope for the world. In fact I remember Ubisoft being the ones who were really asking for next gen consoles for a while. So lets hope they put them to good use now that they are here.
Beazi 2 years ago
It's good they will upscale this it won't make masses of difference like most have said but there is normally a 2 year transition between the current gen and next gen
Jamie 2 years ago
one of my problems with this is that if the ps4 doesnt come out till say feb of 2014 ( as sony europe said they dont know if the ps4 will come out in europe 2013 ) then i dont know what i will do as people bash the assassins creed series but i love the games and the stories although brotherhood was my favourite. cant wait for this game although it is being made by a different studio than who made assassins creed 2 and 3.
I'm fairly sure it'll come out 2013 worldwide. I mean the huge banner at the end of the conference was stating that anyway. So AC should be a launch title for the PS4.
Unknown_1 2 years ago
Rachael 2 years ago
i think it said 2013 worldwide. its the xbox that we are not sure about yet and is rumoured for 2014

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