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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014 Review

With the rather ropey past few years finally behind him, Tiger Woods has slowly rebuilt his career, moving away from all of the bad publicity and finding himself a new lady, with EA also helping the way by sticking with him and producing some rather good golf games, harnessing on Tigers amazing career so far and reminding us just why he was so great.

The latest in the long running Tiger Woods PGA Tour series brings to the console once again another solid entry, offering the best digital golf experience, not an easy accomplishment considering what has come before and yes, it is more of the same, but with plenty of tweaks to the game engine and new game modes to warrant another annual purchase.

The most obvious addition is the new Legends of The Majors mode, allowing you to play as golfing greats through the ages, participating in some of the most famous games in golf history, starting in the 1880's and then taking us through the 1930's to more modern golfers with Ballesteros in the 1980's and of course, Tigers phenomenal run. Each era is full of challenges like recreating perfect shots or competing in classic matches, with each required to be completed before unlocking the next. This mode is full of little tricks and nods to past greats, making the experience that little bit more enjoyable like the sepia filtered 1800's games, along with Victorian crowds and antique clubs, though punching the air after a good shot is most unbecoming of a gentleman.

Newcomers are as ever treated to an in depth tutorial, showing the basics of the Total Swing Control before you take to the larger, more challenging courses with single player alone offering weeks of gameplay, with 20 courses (plus another 20 via DLC) to try in quick modes and also a career mode, creating your perfect golfer from various customisation tools, tinkering with looks down to your preferred golfer swing style from power or control, draw or fade, starting you off as a rookie and proving your worth before taking on the four major tournaments and another first for the series, the official women's LPGA. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 however is definitely a game created with online in mind, allowing you to again join or create Country Clubs, allowing you to compete against similar minded players and even take part in the huge selection of Live Tournaments. Created with a variety of skills in mind, you can compete in small games like 5 hole shootouts or lengthy invitational, all with another 23 players all taking part at the same time, with real time shot lines appearing all over the place, letting you see your competitors approaches.

No matter what you play, on or offline you will continually earn XP, slowly levelling up your player which in turn unlocks a serious amount of equipment to spend your winnings on, allowing you to create your dream club setup or just look sharp on the course with some new threads.

Graphically you can't fault the game, from perfectly created players, each with their own familiar swing styles to great looking greens and fairways, all now playable at any time of the day, with even more realism gained with a TV feel to the major events with various camera angles, leaderboards and course hints and tips.

The dreaded words "Better with Kinect" haunt the top of the box and to be fair, it acts as expected, a little fiddly on the menu navigation but satisfying and adding a little realism to the actual swing, making it a little more than a gimmick but still will never replace the classic controller setup, though a surprising exclusion is that for the full experience you also need the Xbox Live Vision, yep the Kinect's forgotten little brother needs to be dusted off if you want to create a "realistic" image of yourself for the game face.

With so many new tweaks and a full complement of courses and tournaments there is not much left for the next release, with the next generation of consoles coming just in time, who knows what will be release this time next year, I for one am looking forward to next year's release of a Trump International Golf Links with lovey wind farms in the background or the world class Hampsom Park pitch and putt.

Words by Ash Buchanan.
(Version Tested - Xbox 360)


- Plenty of additions to warrant another purchase.


- Loading times can drag.
- Crashed a couple of times whilst reviewing.

You can order your copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 right now from ShopTo. Available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Out now!

Edited On 05 Apr, 2013

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Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
So, you don't get to play as his wife and bash his head in with a 5 iron then, I'm out.
troublemaker's avatar
troublemaker 4 years ago
EA Gloria! It'll be paid DLC next week. Not my kinda game, but good review none the less.
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Maybe I'll pick it up when it's cheap for that DLC then.
Ulquiorra_1's avatar
Ulquiorra_1 4 years ago
Crashed? Lol The last Tiger Woods game I played was 2004. Last in more ways than one.

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