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OMG Zombies coming to PS Vita

Laughing Jackal has today announced that it'll be bringing an HD update of OMG Zombies to the PlayStation Vita.

OMG HD Zombies was originally released as a PS Minis title in 2011 and is currently ranked in the Top 10 PSP games of all time on Metacritic.

"OMG HD Zombies! is the result of a scientific experiment on a virulent fungus that causes its zombified victims to explode when attacked. Any infected matter ingested or inhaled by a human victim causes them to become a zombie in turn." says the press release.

"That's pretty cool in itself, but the best part is that if any infected matter lands on another zombie then that zombie explodes too, causing a rapid chain reaction of gory explosions and maximising the likelihood of nearby victims being infected. Wise to this knowledge, your Riot Cop character is able to take down whole city blocks of the undead with a single well-placed rifle round and a well chosen vantage point."

Here's the new features:

- Improved Graphics - OMG HD Zombies! has been completely redrawn in HD.
- More levels - Not only have the existing levels been remade, but Laughing Jackal have added 19 new levels, upping to total to 100.
- More Zombies - Laughing Jackal have added 3 new classes of zombie to the original five.
- More Upgrades - Laughing Jackal have boosted the number of upgrades, bringing the total to 100.
- Trophies - 12 new trophies to unlock, achieved via a mixture of game completion and fulfilling special gameplay conditions.
- Online Leaderboards -  Compare your skills to the best zombie slayers around the world with over 100 leaderboards.
- Touch Controls - Choose between the traditional control method and the brand new touch screen control method.
- Prestige Mode - Something extra for the completionists out there. Complete the game to 100% Platinum standard and you can Prestige the game and start over again. As a thank you for Prestiging and starting the game over, you get a multiplier to your leaderboard ranking that increases with every Prestige level. You can Prestige up to 20 times and get some truly HUGE scores!
- New Comics - As well as 2 new endings, we reveal more of the back story to the zombie outbreak in our specially extended comic book intro.

No release date has yet been revealed.

Edited On 12 Apr, 2013

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PrometheusFan's avatar
PrometheusFan 4 years ago
Never played the Mini, but I got the PSM version on Vita when it was going free a couple of months back and it was actually alright. HD version wouldn't need to be anymore than 3-4 quid when it comes out though. Not a whole lot to this game.
Midgar_zolom's avatar
Midgar_zolom 4 years ago
Sounds interesting, i'll take a look at it when it arrives.
Anonymous user's avatar
Niall 4 years ago
Will check it out at some point, seems fun!

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