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Splinter Cell: Blacklist 'Abilities' trailer

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, giving us a look at the various abilities you'll be using within the game.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is due for release in August this year on PC, PS3, Xbox 360. You can check out the trailer and pre-order below.

Edited On 15 Apr, 2013

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Johno Muller's avatar
Johno Muller 4 years ago
I want this game even less, I had some high hopes for it too
0000000000's avatar
0000000000 4 years ago
ive always loved the series and i think im more excited about this 1 than any other splinter cell game! cant wait for it :D got the collectors on pre order!
Emma's avatar
Emma 4 years ago
Ooooooo, looking forward to it!
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 years ago
Well you can tell the minions in the trailer don't eat their carrots. I mean come on you can't see a guy running around in the dark with a pair of green goggles on, Really?
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 4 years ago
I'll likely get it on the Wii U since it was announced a week or two back but only once it's been out a few weeks and has been discounted. It looks fun but nothing that can warrant a day 1 purchase
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Looks like it could be a return to form for the series, but you can't really trust Ubisoft, it's probably nothing of the sort. I may rent it at some point, if I'm really bored.
Solidus 5nake's avatar
Solidus 5nake 4 years ago
Splinter Cell: Blacklist is looking rather tasty, though I would like to see a multiplayer trailer soon.

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