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Soul Sacrifice demo available now

The demo for the highly anticipated PS Vita title, Soul Sacrifice, is now available and it's pretty lengthy.

One of the great things about the demo is that not only will it allow you to test out multiplayer, but it'll also let you keep your save file, allowing you to continue where you left off once you have the full game.

The demo is 1.2GB in size. Download it here.

Edited On 17 Apr, 2013

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Shoozle's avatar
Shoozle 4 years ago
Much appreciated as I never saw it in the store on the actual device. Thankfully, the online store is quick. Poor US chaps with the maintenance issues.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 4 years ago
I have really look forward to playing this demo. Hopefully I can get my friend to play it, so I won't be alone on April 3, 2013
Gummy's avatar
Gummy 4 years ago
Yeah, thanks for this. I really hope we'll be able to play this game with people from the EU and the US. Can't wait for it to finish downloading. <3
iMerle iDixon's avatar
iMerle iDixon 4 years ago
I'm still on the hunt for a vita, I'm not getting one until i manage to locate a cheap memory card.
Solidus 5nake's avatar
Solidus 5nake 4 years ago
I've been waiting for this game, what seems like an age. I'm downloading the demo as I type, I really hope its as good as it looks and it gives me more of a reason to come back to my Vita.

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