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Draw Slasher Review

Sometimes it's nice to play a game which doesn't require too much skill, but still provides a lot of addictive fun in the process. Well, throw in a little humour too and that's exactly what you get with Draw Slasher. It's a Monkey, Pirate, Zombie brawler and it's so hard to put down that you'll wonder were all the time has gone.

The story of Draw Slasher is a little light on plot - you are basically saving you friends from the hordes after finding that they have been kidnapped following your return to - what is now, a burning village. Luckily you won't be playing this game for the story, instead your playing for the parodies, humour and simply addictive gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay-wise Draw Slasher is a very easy game to begin with; zombie pirate monkeys appear and you slash them using a swipe of your finger across the PS Vita screen. Later into the game things get more complex as you draw with your finger to jump over enemies in order to attack them from behind, dodge their attacks or to dodge environmental hazards such as rolling barrels and cannonballs.

In addition to your slashing skills you'll also unlock special Ninjutsu Techniques which are activated by pinching the screen. These powers include the ability to stun enemies using an 'earthquake' style skill, while you can also gain access to electrical and fire based techniques, as well as the ability to turn invisible or go berserk. All of these skills come in very handy as you progress further into the game, especially since the enemy becomes tougher and greater in numbers.

Speaking of enemies, you'll meet all sorts in the game, including your standard grunts, as well as larger, armoured creatures. In addition, you'll come up against enemies which can only be defeated in a certain way, such as Baboon Barrels which float in the air, requiring a precision slash to bring them down or there's the Fat Chefs who can only be attacked from behind. There really is a huge variety of enemies, as well as end of level bosses, who can also be pretty tough nuts to crack.

When I first saw Draw Slasher it reminded me of Fruit Ninja, from which it almost certainly drew some inspiration. In fact, one boss level actually parodies the aforementioned game, although that's not all the gets parodied, with references to Karate Kid, Star Wars and Super Monkey Ball all seen within the game.

Overall the story mode is certainly worth the money alone. I think I must have clocked it in around 3 hours, although I'll most definitely be playing through it again as I found it very difficult to put down.

Once your have completed the Story Mode, Draw Slasher also gives you quite a few other options. First up is challenge mode, which tests your skills by asking you to perform all manner of tasks in order to reach a certain target. Tasks include the likes of getting a certain amount of combos, killing certain zombies or even partaking in a Fruit Ninja style game. Most of the challenges are related in some way to what you'll have already seen in the story, however they are all brilliant fun.

As if all of the above was not enough to keep you entertained, Draw Slasher also provides an Arcade mode which is split into two parts - Gatekeeper and Survival. Obviously the latter explains itself, having you killing as many zombies as you can without dying yourself. Here you can use your Ninja powers, although zombies don't give off health orbs like they do in the main game. In Gatekeeper, you are playing in a Tower Defense style adventure, trying to keep the zombies from entering the village. In order to stop them you must slash as fast as you can, fail and it'll be game over.

Draw Slasher looks absolutely fantastic. The art style is brilliant and perfectly compliments the highly addictive action that accompanies it. This is for all intents and purposes a budget title, however you'd never know it looking at the production values. It's quite simply, brilliant.

I have to admit to not knowing much about Draw Slasher before reviewing it and I'd imagine most other people out there have also let it pass them by, however now I know better and a lesson has been learned. Don't let first impressions put you off, because otherwise you might miss out on a diamond in the rough.

(Version Tested: PS Vita)


- Packed full of fun
- Great Humour
- Looks Wonderful


- Some levels feel a slightly repetitive

Edited On 25 Apr, 2013

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troublemaker's avatar
troublemaker 4 years ago
It's a Monkey, Pirate, Zombie brawler - SOLD! Haha! Cheers Joe, great review, off to buy it now.

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