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Frank Turner auctions 'Tape Deck Heart' tour flag for charity

Frank Turner is auctioning the flag that followed fans around the country during his most recent UK tour, which came to a close last week. The auction will help raise money for charity.

The flag, which sports the artwork for the singer-songwriter's new album 'Tape Deck Heart' was carried to each show and photographed in front of local sights by fans, without any of Frank's help. It was brought on-stage on Thursday night for the tour's last show at The London Forum.

Speaking on-stage as the flag was brought up, he said:

""It was a fun little thing we were gonna make a flag that had the album artwork and the tour dates on, and in the first show we'd give it out and see if it could make it to the last show without any of our help. And the idea, the point is to prove that people who don't know each other can come together and do something communal and something interesting and we can make friends with each other."

Turner is selling the flag on eBay, in a bid that is set to run until May 3. It currently stands at 1,800 and all proceeds will go towards Shelter; a UK housing and homelessness charity. You can watch the auction here.

The folk-rock musician, whose roots lie in punk, released his fifth solo album 'Tape Deck Heart' last week.

Edited On 27 Apr, 2013

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