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Evening Newsround, May 3 - Mario Wii U; Obsidian; Nextbox Vs PS4

It's time for this week's Newsround. Obviously it's a Bank Holiday weekend, so there will be no gaming news on Monday, while the competition winners will be announced on Tuesday next week.

So let's round up the rest of today's news then.

Mario expected on Wii U by October

Look whose coming to Wii U this year, Mario? Surprised, No?

According to a report on CVG, a 3D Mario game will be released in October, while the system is also said to be getting another whole load of brand new releases before the year is out. We'll believe it when we see it, although we wouldn't be surprised to see games such as Mario Kart, the new Zelda game and more all making it out in 2013. Nintendo has to do something to fight off the likes of Sony and Microsoft after all.

Obsidian's Next Gen game 'already looking great'

Obsidian studio CEO Feargus Urquhart has told Eurogamer that its 'Next Gen Game' is already looking great. To be honest with a studio of around 150 employees, we'd be worried if they said it was 'looking pretty rubbish.'

Next Xbox vs PS4

A very interesting article has appeared on Forbes, suggesting that the split between the next Xbox and PS4 could come down to the approach of both companies. Essential it suggests that the PS4 will be a gaming machine first and foremost, while the next Xbox will be about al-round entertainment.

We have thought this for a while, but the article on Forbes certainly has a very interesting take on the matter, so check it out.

Just the Headlines

- Google hires LucasArts, DreamWorks veteran as Chief Game Designer
- Catwoman rumoured for Injustice as DLC
- Pinball FX2 hits Steam next week
- Scottish Police Chief blames violent videogames for stabbing


That's it. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and if we've missed any news you feel is important, please feel free to post the headlines below.

Edited On 03 May, 2013

( 17 )
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
It's KOTOR 3 and I'll keep on saying that till it happens
Gloria 2 years ago
Catwoman as DLC for Injustice? I've been playing as her for weeks, perhaps you mean Batwoman. Mario U is no surprise, F-Zero U would be a surprise. And the Scottish cop is a knob, trying to pin typical Scottish behaviour on a game.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
What do you mean by "Typical"? I take that as a insult
Gloria 2 years ago
You mean not all Scots are thuggish teenage parents with a drug problem? I am shocked.
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
The number is lower than you think.
troublemaker 2 years ago
Yeah, cop is a dipshit. Scottish or not, he's got feck all idea what he's on about, clearly. Pretty quiet news round up. If I don't appear over the weekend, enjoy the sun and the three days off, catch you all later
Gloria 2 years ago
I have a book for you Nox, 'lessons in identifying sarcasm'. Have fun TM ;)
LFC Bywater 2 years ago
I'm a quarter Scottish, I guess that's where my love for a cold beer and intense rage comes from...
Gloria 2 years ago
Luckily you didn't get the appetite for heroin and under age sex. ;)
DynamiteWhyte 2 years ago
Can't start pinning under age sex on us when all those Manchester Corrie stars are getting taken to the cleaners! ;)
Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
True dat
Joe Anderson (Editor) 2 years ago
Being Scottish and a parent I'm offended by Gloria's comments. Scotland is the best country in the world.
Beazi 2 years ago
I gotta say as much as I do respect Gloria, those comments are a bit "below the belt" shall we say. I was always taught there's good and bad of all people, whichever nationality. Ok Scotland has got some problems but so does Bournemouth! You cant just group one group together. I got a friend from Iraq... Now if you believed everything on the news they'd tell you their all crazy. In fact there not. There was a program about Manchester's poor area called People Like Us... And it's programmes just like that which give the negative vibe to everyone. Not everyone in Manchester is like out of Shameless, and not everyone in Liverpool wants to rob you!
Gloria 2 years ago
No need to get bent out of shape, it was just a joke. It's not my fault every Scottish person I ever met turned out to be a junkie. And by underage sex I meant preteen parenting, not kiddyfiddling ;)
Gloria 2 years ago
Ooops, just remembered, there was one who wasn't a junkie, they were a violent alcoholic.
Beazi 2 years ago
Lol! It wasn't a problem Gloria was just saying. I've met lots of weird people from Reading but ask anyone that's the leafy golden part of Britain where Princess Kate was from!
Gloria 2 years ago
I wouldn't say golden, I used to live round there, and like everywhere it has good and bad people, and some right scumbags. Anyway, I'm sorry if I upset or offended anyone, and I'm sure there are plenty of decent Scots out there, but I've had some bad experiences which I won't go in to with Scottish people. It's nothing personal though, I've met plenty of dodgy Irish, scousers and geordies too, I think the worse are probably cockneys though, and I live in the east end ;)

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